My Experiences with Starting a Gaming TikTok

Earlier this year, YouTube launched its Shorts video format. YouTube Shorts are vertically-oriented videos with a browsing mechanism similar to TikTok. Even in this early stage, a number of creators have greatly expanded their reach through this new format.

With YouTube being a priority for me, I decided to start making videos within the Shorts format. I was already making clips for Twitter and Instagram, so making YouTube Shorts was simply a matter of reformatting them for a vertical screen.

As it turns out, that YouTube Shorts vertical format is also same as TikTok. Though I’ve been reluctant to support more platforms with my content, I figured that if I’m going to make vertically-oriented clips for YouTube anyway, why not also post them on TikTok for greater reach with little extra effort?

Thus far, not much has come out of YouTube Shorts. TikTok though

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ARMS Makes a Strong Sales Debut

Nintendo’s oddball fighter proved to be a heavyweight at retailers worldwide. First, it debuted at #2 on the U.K. charts, only behind an on promotion Horizon Zero Dawn. Then, its debut in Japan almost outsold the debuts of Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V combined. Most recently, NPD data shows that ARMS performed extremely well in the US, reaching #5 with 256,000 units sold physically and digitally. For a game that left many of us scratching our heads when upon its reveal in January, ARMS has become a hit.

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