Single Strike Urshifu VMAX vs. Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX: Which League Battle Deck Should You Get?

The latest decks in the Pokemon Trading Card Game League Battle Deck series are based around two different variations of the same Pokemon: Single Strike Urshifu VMAX and Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX. They play quite different from one-another, making the choice of which one to get first all the more confusing for newcomers with aspirations of playing more competitively.

It’s hard to go wrong either way. Both are good decks out-of-the-box and serve as foundations for you to shape into top-tier decks. Both come with great Supporter cards that work well in these decks and future decks you may build down the road. Both share the same typing resistances and weaknesses. Both are really fun to play!

If you’re looking for detailed breakdowns of each one, as well as deck lists you can use to upgrade them, I got you!

Personally, I’d recommend getting both. However, I understand that not an option for everyone. If you have to pick just one, I make some recommendations based on factors that could sway your decision.

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Sushi Go! vs. Sushi Go Party! vs. Sushi Roll: Which One is Right For You?

Starting out as a breakout hit card game in 2013, the Sushi Go! universe of games now contains three titles as of writing:

  • Sushi Go!
  • Sushi Go Party!
  • Sushi Roll

All three games are built on the same cute art style and addictive gameplay. But which version should you get? Or can you justify owning all three? The answer depends on what you’re looking for.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its Gray-Market for Nook Miles Tickets

Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not have in-game microtransactions. Even so, that has not stopped some players from buying in-game items with real money. In particular, Nook Miles Tickets are a hot commodity, with players buying tickets in the hundreds – or thousands – for just a few real-life dollars. Even my wife has purchased Nook Miles Tickets from an online vendor and found the experience to be a better way of securing tickets rather than playing the game as intended.

What’s going on here?

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Unboxing the PlayStation 5

The wait is over!

As I frantically mashed on the F5 key while staring at my tracking page, the doorbell rang. Steff opened the door to a delivery person wielding a giant box for me. My PlayStation 5 got here on launch day!

As of writing, it’s 2:09 PM. I could be playing it right now. Instead, I will share the unboxing experience with you! Let’s crack this thing open!

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Out Now: Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee

It’s time to catch ’em all on the Switch!

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are out now! Taking us back to the Kanto region, you’ll be playing in a quasi-modern reboot of Pokemon Yellow. I know there’s a lot of scuttlebutt within the more hardcore Pokemon community about this not being the next “real” game in the series, but it’s not a real concern for me. Having casually played through Pokemon X and Pokemon Ultra Moon, I’m not married to that format. If anything, a shift towards mimicking Pokemon Go might be what I need to get really invested, as it’s the Pokemon game I’m most invested in.

Since I pre-ordered it from Amazon, I’m not exactly sure if it’s coming in today or Monday. In any case, I’ll be playing it soon!

Are you returning to Kanto today or in the near future? Or are you waiting for the true Gen 8 Pokemon game?

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Out Now: The Nintendo Switch

It’s here!

Not long after making its existence known, the Nintendo Switch is available for purchase now! Having ordered it online, I don’t expect it to have it until next week. When I do get it in though, expect to see a lot of it on the site!

If you’re in the market without a pre-order, good luck! Maybe the link to the Amazon might help?

Buy The Nintendo Switch Now From

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Nintendo’s Knack for Short Supplying its Products Fails the Pokemon Go Plus

Shortly after its release in September, my wife decided that she wanted to buy a Pokemon Go Plus. This nifty little device offers a lot of benefits to Pokemon Go players, such as being able to spin PokeStops or catch pokemon while the app runs in the background. Unfortunately for her, the product was already sold out and has been for weeks.

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PlayStation 4 Is Launching November 15th, 2013. Pre-order Yours Today!

What better time for another shameless advertising post than now? Sony just announced at Gamescom that the PlayStation 4 will release on November 15th in North America. If you haven’t pre-ordered one yet, you can through In Third Person and Amazon!

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Shameless Advertising: Pre-Order Your Xbox One Through In Third Person And!

Pre-Order Your Xbox One Console – Day One Edition Now On!

Hot off the heels of Microsoft announcing a release date (November) and price ($499.99), you can now pre-order the Xbox One now on! If you’re interested in getting one and want to support In Third Person, use the above link to get first dibs on Microsoft’s latest!

P.S. – Don’t act surprised when a PlayStation 4 version of this page goes up soon too 😉