Pokemon Go in the Suburbs

One of the fundamental challenges that can impact your enjoyment of Pokemon Go is that not all parts of the world are created equal. As someone who lived in the city and worked in the downtown core, I was blessed with a plentiful number of Pokestops to refill on supplies and gyms to conquer. However, a little while back, I moved to the suburbs and was temporarily working from home. Cut off from the rich resources of the city for an extended period of time, it gave me a new perspective on how many other people see the game.

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Pokemon Go Plus Review

Pokemon Go PlusFor a game designed to get players exploring the world around them, Pokemon Go is quite the attention hog. It forces you to travel the world while your face is buried in the screen, either catching Pokemon, fighting in gyms, or eyeing for upcoming PokeStops as you walk down the street. Futhermore, since you can’t run the game in the background of your phone, it’s an all-consuming experience that stops you from performing other tasks while destroying your battery.

Pokemon Go Plus was designed to alleviate these issues. Off the strength of its one-button interface, it aims to take your attention away from the screen and onto your surroundings, allowing you to live your life while playing the game in a more passive manner. Is this highly sought after peripheral worth tracking down?

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Nintendo’s Knack for Short Supplying its Products Fails the Pokemon Go Plus

Shortly after its release in September, my wife decided that she wanted to buy a Pokemon Go Plus. This nifty little device offers a lot of benefits to Pokemon Go players, such as being able to spin PokeStops or catch pokemon while the app runs in the background. Unfortunately for her, the product was already sold out and has been for weeks.

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