Nintendo’s Knack for Short Supplying its Products Fails the Pokemon Go Plus

Shortly after its release in September, my wife decided that she wanted to buy a Pokemon Go Plus. This nifty little device offers a lot of benefits to Pokemon Go players, such as being able to spin PokeStops or catch pokemon while the app runs in the background. Unfortunately for her, the product was already sold out and has been for weeks.

Nintendo is no stranger to disappointing its fans with limited supplies. From Amiibo figures, to the original Wii launch, to the Nintendo 64 launch and beyond, their hot new products have a knack of immediately disappearing from shelves for excruciatingly long stretches. The Pokemon Go Plus is no exception, as many Canadian retailers don’t even list it anymore as a product in their databases, let alone flagged as sold out.

It was bad enough that they delayed the release of the product until months after the game’s release. Then they disappear in a blink with no signs of them returning.

I get their side of it. They don’t want to make too many if the product is a bust. However, they’ve grossly miscalculated yet again, leaving many potential customers slip through their fingers. When will Nintendo finally nail the supply part of supply and demand?

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