Pokemon Go in the Suburbs

One of the fundamental challenges that can impact your enjoyment of Pokemon Go is that not all parts of the world are created equal. As someone who lived in the city and worked in the downtown core, I was blessed with a plentiful number of Pokestops to refill on supplies and gyms to conquer. However, a little while back, I moved to the suburbs and was temporarily working from home. Cut off from the rich resources of the city for an extended period of time, it gave me a new perspective on how many other people see the game.

In our old condo, I could fire up the game at any given time and catch anywhere between 5-15 Pokemon without leaving the couch. These days, I’m lucky if I can get one, as there’s one spawn point at the very edge of my reach. Pokestops are a bigger challenge, as the closest one is a 10-minute walk from my house. If I want to amass any meaningful level of supplies or take on a gym, I’m going to need to use the car. Most problematic nowadays are raids. Unless you’re bringing friends with you or coordinate with an online community, it’s virtually impossible to take down a high-level raid boss in the suburbs.

During my time working from home, I barely played. With not much going on in terms of Pokemon activity, Pokestops, gyms, or people to raid with, I simply tried my best to maintain my catching and Pokestop streaks for extra XP. Based on how Niantic has created the game, trying to balance a game world that is literally the size of the planet is a massive undertaking. Whatever the solutions are, I hope they’re able to find a way to make the game more enjoyable for those in suburban or rural areas.


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