Thoughts on Android 18 in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Originally created to kill Goku, Android 18 has since joined the Z fighters and married Krillin. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, she fights alongside of her twin brother Android 17 and they attempt to stop the evil Android 21.

She plays with an unorthodox style that can be difficult to grasp. In particular, her combo potential appears to be very limited due to the way her special moves work. However, extended combos aren’t really the focal point of her game plan. Instead, she has the tools to smother her foes with a seemingly inescapable barrage of pressure.

Core to her offense is Android 17. In isolation, most of his moves come out too slowly to act as combo extenders. However, their primary function is to start or add pressure.

(GIF Source: Fredchuckdave)

In the above example, Android 17 comes out twice in one pressure sequence. The first time around, he forces his opponent to block, allowing Android 18 to rush in and pressure with more hits. Just when the opponent thinks there’s a gap in the offense, Android 17 comes out again to connect with an opening hit.

(GIF Source: Fredchuckdave)

In this one, with additional help from Beerus, the pressure from the assist characters is enough to force her opponent to crouch block. That’s when Android 17 leaps in with a quick overhead attack to start a combo.

(GIF Source: Fredchuckdave)

Here, Android 17,’s ki blasts apply pressure from full screen off of a hard knockdown. In this clip, they hit, but if they hadn’t, Android 18 could rush in and go for an overhead, low, grab, or any other diabolical pressure scenario.

(GIF Source: Warui Neko-kun)

The one case I’ve been able to see Android 17 act as a combo extender is when his air rush is used after a launch. Striking the opponent downward, Android 18 can juggle the opponent from there. After much practice, I can’t nail any variation of this combo consistently. It requires some really specific timing and movement while you’re off-screen, so I keep messing it up. If I could land this consistently, she would be a character I would play more seriously.

She has some clear deficiencies with ranged combat and her solo combos are pretty limited, but if she’s able to get you in frame advantage, her synergy with Android 17 can plow through the competition like a runaway train. Will be going back into training mode to try and hit that juggle combo so that I can add her to one of my teams!

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