Single Strike Urshifu VMAX vs. Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX: Which League Battle Deck Should You Get?

The latest decks in the Pokemon Trading Card Game League Battle Deck series are based around two different variations of the same Pokemon: Single Strike Urshifu VMAX and Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX. They play quite different from one-another, making the choice of which one to get first all the more confusing for newcomers with aspirations of playing more competitively.

It’s hard to go wrong either way. Both are good decks out-of-the-box and serve as foundations for you to shape into top-tier decks. Both come with great Supporter cards that work well in these decks and future decks you may build down the road. Both share the same typing resistances and weaknesses. Both are really fun to play!

If you’re looking for detailed breakdowns of each one, as well as deck lists you can use to upgrade them, I got you!

Personally, I’d recommend getting both. However, I understand that not an option for everyone. If you have to pick just one, I make some recommendations based on factors that could sway your decision.

If you like the idea of having enough power to knock out any active Pokemon with one hit, go with the Single Strike Urshifu VMAX deck

Single Strike Urshifu V and VMAX are tanks. When juiced up with Single Strike energy, Single Strike Urshifu V can one-hit KO most Pokemon V and Single Strike Urshifu VMAX can one-hit KO every Pokemon in the game under normal circumstances. However, Single Strike Ursshifu can only hit one Pokemon at a time.

If you like the idea of hitting multiple Pokemon at once, go with the Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX deck

Rapid Strike Urshifu does not have the in-your-face punching power of its Single Strike variant. However, it has the capability of spreading damage across two Pokemon anywhere on the board. Being able to hit (or even knock out) multiple Pokemon at once not only scores you extra prizes, but can cut off your opponent’s ability to set up. It’s very possible to win matches without ever hitting your opponent’s active Pokemon.

If you want a deck that’s closer to a top-tier deck out-of-the-box, go with the Single Strike Urshifu VMAX deck

While both decks are made to be decently strong as is, League Battle decks are intentionally designed to be a few cards away from truly being the best they can be.

Of the two decks, the Single Strike version is closer to “completion” by virtue of having its suite of supporting Houndoom. Rapid Strike Urshifu’s League Battle deck doesn’t come with an ideal pairing of support Pokemon, making it more of a fixer-upper.

If you want more flexibility in how you optimize your deck, go with the Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX deck

Building an optimal Single Strike deck is pretty rigid. You basically need to pay a premium to add Umbreon V and VMAX to the deck or slap in some bandaid solutions like Single Strike Yveltal or Single Strike Morpeko.

But with Rapid Strike Urshifu, you’ve got plenty of options. Pairing the bear with the Inteleon line is my personal favourite way to play. However, there are numerous variations that include Galarian Moltres V, Sylveon VMAX, and more. If you’re willing to invest more time and money getting the right cards, you can not only refine the deck to better fit your style, but you can also create multiple top-tier decks that cover different scenarios.

If you want the deck that’s easier to play, go with the Single Strike Urshifu Deck

Neither of these decks are easy to play, per se. Even after hundreds of hours of practice with other decks, I floundered with both for a while trying to understand how each one works. But if I had to choose which one is easier to play, that distinction would go to Single Strike.

The reason why is that it’s game plan is more straightforward. Hit whatever is in the active as hard as you can. There are some considerations for gusting the right Pokemon in the active to maximize your prizes, but your win conditions are solely tied to hitting the one active target.

If you want the deck that gives you more ways to win, go with the Rapid Strike Urshifu Deck

While Rapid Strike Urshifu doesn’t have the raw punching power of its counterpart, it usually has more potential routes to victory. The ability to hit multiple targets gives you many more ways to approach a fight.

However, the learning curve for maximizing your G Max Rapid Flows is a bit steep. With only four shorts at using it (assuming you don’t prize any Rapid Strike energy), you really need to understand the board state and hit the right targets to optimize your knockouts. But once you get a hang of it, you will discover many unique ways of winning that most other decks can’t duplicate.

Both of these are awesome decks that serve as great stepping stones towards competitive play. If you’re able to, grab both! But if you’re only in a position to get one right now, I hope that this guide provided you with enough information to make an informed decision. Which one will you choose first?

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