Nintendo’s Knack for Short Supplying its Products Fails the Pokemon Go Plus

Shortly after its release in September, my wife decided that she wanted to buy a Pokemon Go Plus. This nifty little device offers a lot of benefits to Pokemon Go players, such as being able to spin PokeStops or catch pokemon while the app runs in the background. Unfortunately for her, the product was already sold out and has been for weeks.

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Avoiding Disappointment With Your Board Game Purchases

Oceania Board GameNot every board game is going to meet your expectations. This is true with all things in life. However, it sucks more when you buy a big box board game and it’s a bust. With a physical copy of a disappointing video game, you can easily sell it back to the store for credit. With no easy way of unloading a disappointing board game, it’ll either take up space and collect dust on your shelf, or you’re going to have to actively move it through Kijiji or Board Game Geek.

As hard as we try to avoid it, there will be times when we add lemons to our collection. The best we can do is to try and avoid them. Here’s some tips on how to minimize your losses.

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Board Game Pick-Up Post: July 2016 Edition

Sushi Go Party Animal Upon Animal Kittens in a Blender2016 has been a quiet year for board game shopping in our household, at least relative to years past. Part of that I feel is from a sense that we’ve largely caught up on past games that we’ve missed and now it’s mostly a matter of looking forward to upcoming new releases. Then there’s also the matter of our wedding, which did push the board games aside for a bit while we planned our nuptials.

So with life finally starting to settle down again, we took a trip to our friendly local game store. Two of the games we got were proven hits that we’ve played in the past. One is a hot new release that’s also a sequel to one of our faves.

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The End of My Amiibo Hype Train?

Amiibo CollectionOver year has passed and way too much money has left my wallet for Amiibo figures. Though they don’t spend much time being scanned into my Wii U, they make for amazing collectibles on my gaming desk. Looking at my desk, I feel like I got every character I’d want – and a handful I probably didn’t need.

With Nintendo not slowing down on their Amiibo releases, what more could they have in store? I kind have at least one of everyone I want. In some cases, more than one of each character I want. Is this the year where my Amiibo spending finally goes down?

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Pandemic Legacy Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

For the past month or so, my board gaming group have been playing Pandemic Legacy. Unlike classic Pandemic, where the world resets after each game, Pandemic Legacy takes players on a disease-fighting adventure that spans a year of time in the game world. Every decision in the game is permanent, as stickers are used make adjustments to character cards and boards, cards are required to be ripped up, and characters can even die if they get unlucky.

We’re not done yet, but the experience so far has been stellar. I didn’t play enough of the 2015 crop of board games to name a definitive game of the year, though this one squeaks by Codenames as my personal pick. Steer clear if you haven’t played classic Pandemic yet. However, if you have, what are you waiting for?!

Check out the list of Awesome Board Games You Should Play!

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Pick-Up Post: Star Wars X-Wing Millenium Falcon and Slave 1 Expansions

Star Wars X-Wing Millenium Falcon Slave 1

One of the biggest draws to Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures is the fact that it allows players to partake in an epic dogfight with ships from the Star Wars universe. The big caveat is that most of those ships are sold separately and the cost for creating fleets adds up quickly. After picking up the core set, I only bought one additional X-Wing so that our group could play 4-player games. The game made such a good first impression that I decided to fill out my fleets a bit more with two of the coolest ships in the galaxy.

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My E3 Pre-order Haul!

Amazon Canada E3For Canadian gamers, E3 season is the most wonderful time of the year. Besides getting all of the news on upcoming games, Canadian retailers often put on great deals for pre-ordering games that are featured at the event. This year, Amazon stole the show with a whopping 30% off when you pre-order three or more games. Needless to say, my shopping cart ended with way more than that. Here’s what I got!

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Amiibo Story: Peach

Peach Amiibo“Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!”

I have to admit, I never did save the princess in her NES debut. Not for a lack of effort, though, as my attempts at beating the original Super Mario Bros. have come up short. Even as recently as last year, I couldn’t get any farther than world 8-3. She may forever be trapped in that castle, though we’ve certainly shared some great gaming moments together.

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Amiibo Story: Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong AmiiboFlash back to the summer of 1994. I’m only 10 years old at the time, so there’s almost no reason for me to receive mail. On this particular summer day, I open the mailbox with a VHS tape addressed to me from Nintendo. With no idea what this tape was or why Nintendo was sending it to me, I threw it in my VCR and watched it as soon as I could.

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Amiibo Story: Mario

Mario AmiiboMario has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. I vaguely remember playing Defender on a hand-me-down Atari 2600, but when I was just old enough to comprehend what video games were, it was when I was playing the original Super Mario Bros. with an NES controller in my hands. Much has changed since I first played a game with Mario in it, but he’s been with me all the way.

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