Super NES Classic Pre-Orders Rolling Out Across North America and it’s Been a Mess

Remember when Nintendo said that they would be making significantly more Super NES Classic Edition consoles than its NES counterpart? Sure didn’t look like it during this first round of North American pre-orders. Starting as early as 1am EST with Best Buy in the United States, pre-orders began rolling out and selling out just as fast as they arrived. Heck, during my attempt to snag one, it sold out in two minutes. You do not have to search that far on the internet to find many bitter customers who came up short when trying to snag Nintendo’s latest retro console.

If you missed on day one, it’s probably not the end of the world. However, based on the rabid demand for this, every pre-order or order for this thing will probably be a mad sprint to the confirmation page. You can almost forget about stumbling across one at a store. Hoping that Nintendo comes through with extra supply, but I’m not holding my breath. Until you snag one of your own, try your best to stay in the loop on when orders go live. Also, make sure to have all your logins and credit card info set up for a quick checkout! Good luck!

Buy The Super NES Classic Now From


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