Unstable Unicorns Review

Ever dream about building an army of unicorns? Me neither. But if you did, or if the concept of doing just that sounds interesting to you, the Unstable Unicorns card game is here to save the day! Players race against each other in order to be the first to complete their army, while also attacking other players in hopes of keeping them at bay. Beyond it’s silly concept and cute art, is it worth waging war in this rainbow battlefield?

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Board Game Pick-Up Post: July 2016 Edition

Sushi Go Party Animal Upon Animal Kittens in a Blender2016 has been a quiet year for board game shopping in our household, at least relative to years past. Part of that I feel is from a sense that we’ve largely caught up on past games that we’ve missed and now it’s mostly a matter of looking forward to upcoming new releases. Then there’s also the matter of our wedding, which did push the board games aside for a bit while we planned our nuptials.

So with life finally starting to settle down again, we took a trip to our friendly local game store. Two of the games we got were proven hits that we’ve played in the past. One is a hot new release that’s also a sequel to one of our faves.

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Exploding Kittens Review

Exploding Kittens blew up last year on Kickstarter (pun intended), raising over $8 million dollars during its campaign. While that mark makes it easily the biggest board gaming Kickstarter campaign of all-time, it’s heavily presumed that the game itself wasn’t the biggest driver of dollars. Instead, the key selling point appears to be the creators of the Oatmeal web comic, who co-created the game and provide its humour. Because of this, it’s unfair to expect Exploding Kittens to be the best board game of all-time based on its Kickstarter money. Instead, let’s judge it on its own merits.

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