Gotta Go Fast! – Metroid Dread Live Stream

After an extended hiatus, we return to Metroid Dread! This time, we explore the flooded area of Burenia and chase after the speed booster! Oh, and we also discuss alternatives to StreamLabs products, because StreamLabs is trash!

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Kraid! – Metroid Dread Live Stream

A classic Metroid boss appears more menacing than ever! Do we have what it takes to drop this nightmarish monster?

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It’s Getting Hot in Here! – Metroid Dread Live Stream

The Cataris zone is teeming with lava! Samus must navigate her way through this hot zone without any tech to help her withstand the heat!

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Outmatched?! – Let’s Play Metroid Dread – Part 1

Samus drops into planet ZDR to investigate a potential Metroid sighting. What she finds is…much worse? Let’s begin our Metroid Dread adventure!

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First Look at the Dark Samus Amiibo

The gorgeous Dark Samus Amiibo is available now! Here’s an up close and personal look at this doppelganger! Enjoy!

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GameCube Week | Going Back to Metroid Prime Almost 20 Years Later

GameCube Week continues on In Third Person! This time, I morph ball roll my way back to Metroid Prime!

Some games age like fine wine. You can pick up a Gameboy today – or 100 years from now – and still have just as much fun with Tetris as players did when it was first released in the 1980s. Other games lose their sheen faster than you would hope. Have you played Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64 recently? Despite being revolutionary for its time, advents in the shooter genre have rendered it obsolete. It’s only real value now is nostalgia, which it admittedly has in spades.

Going back to Metroid Prime recently proved to be an interest test of its staying power. Revolutionary in its own right, Samus’ debut on the GameCube successfully translated its 2D exploration roots into the third dimension. How much of the experience still stands strong almost 20 years later? I played it for a few hours on stream to find out.

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No Metroid Prime 4? No Problem! Metroid Prime on GameCube Live Stream

With the shocking news of Samus not coming back anytime soon, now’s a great time restart the Metroid Prime series from the top! Join me for this spirited live stream where we play through the opening sequence of Metroid Prime twice for hilarious reasons, along with a great discussion with viewers throughout!

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If you don’t have time to sit through the full two-hour broadcast, maybe take a few minutes to check out these highlights instead!


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Ranking the Games Featured on the NES Classic

The NES Classic Mini is back! Assuming it hasn’t sold out again, of course, which is a very real possibility.

To celebrate, let’s rank the games on the console from worst to best! I’m sure you’ll disagree with my picks, so share your rankings with me in the comments!

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Jett Plays Metroid on the NES Classic

In the grand scheme of things, I didn’t make it very far. However, I made it farther than I ever had before.

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