First Look at the Dark Samus Amiibo

The gorgeous Dark Samus Amiibo is available now! Here’s an up close and personal look at this doppelganger! Enjoy!

Click through for the full video and still images!

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Older Games I Want to Cross Off My Bucket List

A few years back, I made the tough decision to sell off the vast majority of my backlog. From that point onward, I’ve made it a point to only buy games that I was ready to play in the near future. I also minimized the number of games I would play at once, pretty much capping my limit to one-at-a-time so that I get the most out of each. Though I buy fewer games and play fewer games nowadays, I’m largely comfortable with the way my approach has allowed me to squeeze the most out of my gaming dollars while not having to carry the weight of dozens (or hundreds) of games vying for my attention.

And yet I still have a backlog. A few games slipped through those cracks, while I began gaining interest in others relatively recently. Here are some titles I’m hoping to cross off my bucket list someday!

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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and the Quest to Minimize My Backlog

November 15, 2004. I was in the midst of my first year in college. Was also working a part-time job as a stock boy at a pharmacy. On that day, I bought Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the sequel to my favourite Metroid game.

November 15, 2018. Exactly 14 years later, and I still haven’t played the game. I don’t remember why I didn’t play it when I bought it, but it only got harder to fit it into my rotation the further away I got.

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