Ranking the Games Featured on the NES Classic

The NES Classic Mini is back! Assuming it hasn’t sold out again, of course, which is a very real possibility.

To celebrate, let’s rank the games on the console from worst to best! I’m sure you’ll disagree with my picks, so share your rankings with me in the comments!

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Nintendo 64 Game Draft Highlights – Boss Rush Episode 2

With rumors of the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini swirling, we create our own N64 Classic through a draft! With only 15 picks across the 3 of us, which games got picked? And which heavy hitters got snubbed?!?

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Jett Plays Super Mario Bros. on the NES Classic

Unfortunately, my triumphant run where I beat the game for the first time in my life was lost in the ether. But here’s take 2!

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Amiibo Story: Yoshi

Yoshi AmiiboSuper Mario World has a deceptively amazing soundtrack. I don’t know if you ever noticed this, but that game basically has one song that’s repeatedly re-imagined throughout. By changing the tempo, instrumentation and bits of the melody here and there, Koji Kondo created a varied, yet wonderfully cohesive soundscape for my all-time favourite Super Mario game. I didn’t pick up on this until many years later, though there’s one audio cue that caught my ear immediately. Whenever Yoshi was on screen, he was accompanied by a sweet bongo arrangement. Those bongos in my mind became synonymous with the awesome that Yoshi brought to the table.

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