Pokemon X/Y Review

Jumping into the world of Pokemon for the first time this late into the franchise’s life like I did is daunting. It immediately throws you into a world where you’re mom is totally cool with letting you travel across a giant city on your own by foot. It’s a world where everyone from toddlers to grandmothers are constantly picking battles with you for no apparent reason. Beyond trying to grasp the ridiculousness of its fiction, I found that Pokemon X/Y is a dense game that assumes you’ve already played every entry in the series before. While I’m sure that master Pokemon trainers would enjoy how this cuts to the chase, as a newbie I floundered through its first 8 hours and almost gave up on it.

Then, after crossing what I thought was the most frustrating stretch of the game, it suddenly clicked for me. I finally got a grasp on many of the RPG elements that the game doesn’t really teach. The path forward became clear…most of the time. Most importantly, I began having fun with it.

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The Recurring Bosscast: 034 – A Red Future Where Everyone Has Pink Eye

Back from CES, Jason shares with us his experiences from the show floor. Listen in for his hands-on impressions of the Oculus Rift, Sony’s VR headset, the Steam controller, PlayStation Now and more!

Games Mentioned: Day Z, NBA 2K14, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Pokemon X, Mario Kart 7, Game & Wario, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Bravely Default, Formula D, and Yomi

Jett – In Third Person
Jason – Downstab
Mat – Biff Bam Pop

Pick-Up Post: Holiday 2013 Edition

Happy holidays!

Hoping your last few days have been filled with joy, quality time with those you love, and of course, sweet gaming gifts! Even though I’m rapidly approaching my 30s, Santa was particularly kind to me this year. Also, I may have overdid it with the Boxing Day shopping. Anyhow, if you’re interested in checking out my stash, read through the rest of this post!

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