Gaming in Montreal

Not too long ago, Steff and I packed our bags and boarded a train to Montreal for a weekend getaway. Though I was sad that our trip was scheduled at the same time as the Street Fighter V beta, I was excited to experience a part of Canada that I haven’t been to since I was a toddler. While we certainly had a wonderful time exploring the city, there was a surprising amount of gaming to be had that weekend.

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The Recurring Bosscast: 034 – A Red Future Where Everyone Has Pink Eye

Back from CES, Jason shares with us his experiences from the show floor. Listen in for his hands-on impressions of the Oculus Rift, Sony’s VR headset, the Steam controller, PlayStation Now and more!

Games Mentioned: Day Z, NBA 2K14, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Pokemon X, Mario Kart 7, Game & Wario, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Bravely Default, Formula D, and Yomi

Jett – In Third Person
Jason – Downstab
Mat – Biff Bam Pop