Pick-Up Post: Holiday 2013 Edition

Happy holidays!

Hoping your last few days have been filled with joy, quality time with those you love, and of course, sweet gaming gifts! Even though I’m rapidly approaching my 30s, Santa was particularly kind to me this year. Also, I may have overdid it with the Boxing Day shopping. Anyhow, if you’re interested in checking out my stash, read through the rest of this post!

Skylanders: Swap Force Hoot Loop Figurine

I’m currently playing through Skylanders: Swap Force on PlayStation 4. I’m about half way through and I really like it. My brother hooked me with Hoot Loop, who is one of the characters that splits at the hip. Hoot Loop shoots blasts out of his magic wand, but my favourite part about him is his nifty teleport move, which works great to get out of a jam. These figurines are the best in the series so far and I’m glad to have another one to add to the collection!

Buy Skylanders Swap Force Enchanted Hoot Loop Now From Amazon.com

Rocksmith 2014

The original Rocksmith may not have turned me into a guitar-shredding machine, but it definitely was the catalyst that helped me fulfill a lifelong dream of playing the guitar. Though I haven’t played the game in quite some time, the game helped me build a foundation of knowledge and skill that allowed me to continue my adventures with the instrument on my own. The fact that I went from nothing last Christmas to playing 22 by Taylor Swift in a matter of months made that game a worthwhile endeavour.

Steff lovingly gave me the 2014 edition, which includes new songs and a large reworking of how the game works to make the whole learning experience much more customizable. Can’t wait to further develop my skills with this!

Buy Rocksmith 2014 Edition – Playstation 3 (Cable Included) Now From Amazon.com

Pokemon X

Ever since my work moved to the downtown core, my Nintendo 3DS has become an essential part of my daily commute. With a sparked interest in the 3DS, I’ve been craving more portable experiences. Pokemon X should fit that bill nicely as a quality RPG with a lot to do. Save for a few hours of Pokemon Blue, I’m basically a newcomer to the series. Looking forward to catching them all on the train!

Buy Pokémon X Now From Amazon.com

Need For Speed: Rivals

One of the surprise standout games from the next gen launches was Need For Speed: Rivals. Though I’ve yet to play any of the games in the franchise, this one looks like something I could really get into. Thanks are in order to my brother for hooking me up with a copy of the PlayStation 4 version!

Buy Need for Speed Rivals Now From Amazon.com

Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons

Munchkin is one of my favourite tabletop games. Thanks to Steff’s sister, I’ve now got the Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons expansion. This one introduces different dungeon types that affect all players. Coincidentally, I returned the tabletop love by giving her Love Letter and Blokus.

Buy Munchkin 6: Demented Dungeons Now From Amazon.com

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

I never gave the original Wind Waker a fair shake when it first came out. However, riding off a high from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, now might be the right time to jump into one of the most stylish entries in the series. I grabbed this on sale for $30 from Futureshop’s Boxing Day sale.

Buy The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Now From Amazon.com

Wii Party U

Over the past few weeks, Steff has voiced her interest in picking this one up. I hope we have a good time with this cause I enjoy it when we game together. At the very least, at only $30 with a Wii Remote included, it’s worth it just for the remote alone.

Buy Wii Party U Now From Amazon.com

Elgato Game Capture HD

This year, I put my Christmas money towards an Elgato Game Capture HD. I’ll be the first to admit that the videos I make for this site are very poor in terms of production value and picture quality, so this is a big first step towards making video content that doesn’t suck. Hopefully I’ll be able to generate or stream some quality video content soon!

Buy Elgato Game Capture HD Now From Amazon.com


Admittedly, I don’t know anything about this card game that Steff got me. That said, I really enjoy tabletop card games and I’m excited to try this!

Buy S’Quarrels Now From Amazon.com

Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia

I’ve been wanting to own a copy of this ever since Jason made me aware of its existence. Thanks to Steff, I can now pour through its hundreds of pages and read up on many of my favourite Capcom characters! Maybe reading about the characters I don’t recognize may inspire me to try more of the Capcom catalogue.

Buy Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia Now From Amazon.com

New Super Mario Bros. 2

I initially passed on this entry of the franchise due to its lukewarm reception from critics and fans. However, at only $15 from Target, this is probably as cheap as it’s ever going to go. I’m fairly certain that I’ll get my $15 worth out of this one.

Buy New Super Mario Bros. 2 Now From Amazon.com

Mario Kart 7

With the release of Mario Kart 8 on Wii U looming, now seems like a good time to catch up on the 3DS version, which only cost me $15 at the Target Boxing Day sale.

Buy Mario Kart 7 Now From Amazon.com

Resident Evil 6 Archives

Even though I already have a cheap copy of Resident Evil 6, the special edition includes Resident Evil 5, HD versions of Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4, as well as the Resident Evil: Degeneration movie. At the Boxing Day special price of $15, it’s still a steal. As a huge fan of Resident Evil 4, having that alone for $15 is worth the price of admission.

Buy Resident Evil 6 Archives Now From Amazon.com

DuckTales Remastered

I’ve been meaning to play DuckTales Remastered for quite some time. However, once I found out that the game was coming out on disc, I decided to hold out for that. Thank you to my Kris Kringle who got me the Wii U version. I love Off-TV Play on the Wii U and this seems like a great game for it.

Buy DuckTales Remastered Now From Amazon.com

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings

This critically acclaimed RPG is one I’ve been meaning to pick up for quite some time. I’ve come close to buying it on many occasions, but finally pulled the trigger when I found it for a mere $13 at Futureshop’s Boxing Day sale.

Buy The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition Now From Amazon.com

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