A Word of Thanks

Throughout this year’s Extra Life campaign, I shared my thank you many times over for your outstanding support across every platform I appear on. Once the campaign ended though, I wasn’t done sending praise your way.

As part of this year’s campaign, I offered incentives for those who donated at one of the reward tiers. Though it’s awesome to be able to share art work with others that are excited to receive it, I was most looking forward to personally thanking everyone who donated at one of the reward tiers with a handwritten note on the back of the Into the Spider-Verse print.

When I conceived of this incentive, I didn’t foresee how many of you would take me up on the offer. By the end of the marathon, I had a few dozen people to send art to and write thank you notes for! Though it meant that my Extra Life duties were far from over, it presented a unique opportunity for us to connect the old fashioned way.

With only a 4″x6″ canvas to write on, I tried my best to use that space efficiently. Each note aimed to thank everyone for their contributions towards a wonderful cause, a brief explanation of their rewards, and a personal thank you from me. Really meant a lot to me to mention very specific tidbits between us that hopefully you appreciate! There was much to say, but I wrote in very small font to squeeze as much as possible on there for you.

The toughest part of the process was all of the handwriting involved. Even after planning everything out on the computer first, it still took many days and a number of hand cramps to push through. Haven’t written this much by hand since I finished school many years ago! It’s okay though cause you’re worth it.

At last, all of the rewards were written, sealed, and dropped off at the post office. Some of you might already have them by now! If so, let me know that it got to you safely! If not, give the postal service a few more days to work its magic.

One last time, thank you for supporting this year’s Extra Life campaign! No amount of handwritten words, spray paint art prints, or shiny Snorlax autographs will be enough to repay your generosity towards helping kids in pediatric care. Much love to you all!

One thought on “A Word of Thanks

  1. thegamingdiaries November 24, 2020 / 7:14 AM

    Thank you for all the fundraising, laughs and memorable moments through the whole event!

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