Early Impressions of Ico

One of the last EGM issues I ever bought was the issue when Ico was declared game of the month. They wrote about it as if it was a game that came out of nowhere and won them over in a big way. Based on what I read at the time, I thought the game wouldn’t be interested in. Even if I were interested at the time, I was a devout Nintendo fanboy, so going out of my way to play Ico on the PlayStation 2 just wasn’t an option.

Years have passed, console allegiances have dissolved and interest has piqued, which is why I find myself writing about my time playing Ico from the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection. 10+ years later, is Ico still a game worth playing?

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Gaming-Related Christmas Gifts I Received: 2011 Edition

Hope your holidays were full of cheer, turkey and great gifts. At my age, Christmas is definitely more about giving than receiving, though I did receive some excellent gifts this year from the ones I love. Since this is a gaming blog most of the time, I thought I’d share with you what I found under my Christmas tree. I’d love to hear what you got for Christmas in the comments, too!

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Jett’s Open Letter to Santa: 2011 Edition

Dear Santa,

First off, on behalf of the people of the world, thank you so much for your ongoing efforts to make this world a joyous place during the holiday season.

With the noble stuff out of the way, let me get greedy for a minute. Though I feel selfish, especially at this point in my life, I guess I’m still entitled to receive something from you as long as I’ve been a good boy this year, right? If so, can I give you a few gaming-related suggestions in no particular order?

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