10 Years of In Third Person: The Universal Fighting Game Guide

Improving at fighting games is one of the steepest mountains to climb in all of video games. You have to contend with complex special move inputs, combos, complex gameplay systems, difficulty that changes based on who you fight against, an online player base that will take turns stomping you into the ground, and no one to blame but yourself each time you lose. Furthermore, the path to improvement usually requires help from outside resources, such as guides, video tutorials, or coaching, as even the most robust in-game teaching tools won’t prepare you for everything you’ll face in the real world.

Though I put a ton of time and effort into training, I credit Street Fighter III: Third Strike legend and one of the FGC’s pioneers in content Gootecks for helping me grow as a player. Dating all the way back to his audio-only podcast from ages ago, his tips and advice really set me down the right path. Without his indirect guidance, I don’t think I ever would have gotten to the place where I am today.

When I got to a point where I felt like I had knowledge of my own to pass down, I started the Universal Fighting Game Guide. I wanted to pay it forward like Gootecks did for me. Feeling like there wasn’t enough information out there for beginner-to-intermediate level players, I wanted to write the kind of guides I was looking for to answer very specific questions I had. On top of that, I wanted to write guides that worked for a wide swath of fighting games, as so much knowledge is transferrable from game-to-game.

I was hoping that a handful of people would find my work useful. What I didn’t expect was the massive and ongoing success it has achieved.

The Universal Fighting Game Guide is arguably the most successful thing I’ve ever put on the internet. The series has generated over 100,000 pageviews (!), which is far beyond the reach I could have imagined. Furthermore, years after the fact, it continues to be the most popular section of the site. I still see it referenced across the internet by others as a great source of info and it warms my heart every time.

Relative to other eSports scenes, fighting games are still a niche within a niche. It may never reach the heights of the largest games in that space due to the inherent obstacles that come with this style of game. But if my work has helped even a fraction of those who have viewed one of my guides in the past, that’s incredible!

Of late, I haven’t added much to the guide. Just not in the right mindset for it. But if the urge strikes me, or if there’s any burning questions you have for me that I can answer, maybe I’ll add more to it someday. For now, it’s cool that the work is still regularly visited and most of it should still be relevant for the games of today and tomorrow.

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