United Through Music: Tomorrowland on Twitch Uses Video Conferencing Tech to Create an Global Dance Party

As people spend more time at home due to the global pandemic, more are turning to live streaming platforms such as Twitch for entertainment and human connection. Between March 8th and March 22nd, watch time was up by 30%.

This doesn’t just impact gamers, either. One of the coolest things I’ve seen come out of recent events is the growing presence of music on Twitch. In particular, DJ’s are crushing it right now, entertaining those missing out on dance music and the club scene. Tomorrowland in particular caught my ears – and my eyes – with their approach to bringing the world closer together.

They might not be the first to use this tech, but I think it’s an amazing use of existing technology. While the DJ spins on the main video feed – oftentimes with a room decorated specifically as eye-candy for viewers – a secondary feed broadcasts people from around the world, dancing to the music in real time.

What’s happening in the background is a public Zoom conference call that anyone can join. From here, you can hear the DJ spin while dancing along to the music. Someone on Tomorrowland’s end is screening viewers and showcasing different viewers every few seconds.

Using video conferencing services to pull people remotely into your stream isn’t new. However, using it in this particular manner is rather unique. Creating a global dance party that the entire world can participate in is amazing! Furthermore, it’s one more way we can continue to interact with one another while the circumstances at hand keep us apart.

Besides enjoying the music, it’s gotten me thinking further about my streaming efforts. Whether it’s the specific implementation of conference call technology or the broader concept of interactivity, is there anything I can use from this case study to improve my show? Maybe there’s something here you can mine for your own stream. Whatever the case, I think there’s still so much for us to explore within the world of live streaming and I’m excited to see where it goes!

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