Board Game Adaptations of Video Games

As someone who runs a website about “video games, board games, and other nerdy pursuits”, my attraction to board games based on video games is particularly strong. Good or bad, I’m always fascinated to see how these video game franchises are translated to the tabletop.

Here are some of the board games based on video games that I own or have owned in the past! What board game adaptations of video games have you played?

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Board Game Night Playlist: Board Games Inspired By Video Games

Video games owe a lot of its success to board games. Dungeons & Dragons alone has had elements of its gameplay cribbed by countless video games, such as the concepts of quests, health points, item usage, combat and more. If you dig far enough into the history of video games, you can probably find a theme or gameplay concept rooted in a board game. Video games have also innovated within its own space. From Super Mario to Call of Duty, there are a ton of unique experiences that have their roots in this digital medium.

Nowadays, you’ll see those video game specific concepts appear in board games. Whether they’re board games based on video game properties or digital gameplay mechanics that have gone analog, they feed off one one-another to push each other forward.

In this edition of the Board Game Night Playlist, we embark on an adventure that marries the best of both worlds. This list should be particularly interesting for video game fans looking for a smooth transition into the analog side of things. Time to press start on this playlist!

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Board Game Night Playlist: Sci-Fi

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, our minds think of extraterrestrial worlds, space ships and out-of-this-world weapons. Board games are generally a playground for medieval fare, though I’m much more interested in games are grounded in the world of science fiction. Why mess with horses and swords when you can play with the Starship Enterprise and lightsabers? This month, let’s go to infinity and beyond with a sci-fi themed board game night!

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Added XCOM: The Board Game to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

As a huge fan of XCOM and of board games, picking this one up was a no-brainer. But would it be good? After playing it a bunch over the past week or so, I’m happy to say, “Yes!” XCOM: The Board Game does a great job of providing players with an all-around essence of the video game in a format that’s better suited for the tabletop.

Some traditionalists may have grave concerns over the game requiring a digital app to play it, though the app really adds to the experience. You get a great tutorial, variable set-ups and a dynamic turn structure that would be a nightmare to recreate with physical components. The app really takes the game to the next level and wouldn’t be nearly as cohesive without it. Glad to add this one to the list!

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XCOM: The Board Game Review

Aliens are hell bent on taking over our planet, but to quote Will Smith from Independence Day, “Welcome to Earth!” In XCOM: The Board Game, you and your fellow teammates will square off against the extraterrestrial threats on multiple fronts. This particular conflict may not be completely new to you, as this is a licensed board game based on the hit video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Nonetheless, it brings something very alien to the table for gamers of all sorts (pun intended), as it’s one of the first board games that needs to be played alongside of a digital app. Should you suit up for what might be Earth’s last stand?

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Board Game Workshop Sessions

One of the best reasons to play board games at Snakes and Lattes is that you’ll always have access to a board game guru. With their vast knowledge in games and experience in teaching games to others, they always seem to teach me a new game in a matter of minutes, versus the hours it usually takes me to fumble through manuals and online tutorial videos. If it were possible, I would want to have access to one of their board game gurus at all times so that they can teach me a new game anywhere.

The harsh reality is that this will never happen. Most of the time, I’m going to have to figure things out on my own or with Steff. In order to avoid placing the burden of learning games the hard way on others, I usually take the time to workshop a game alone or with Steff so that we can make the learning experience better for others.

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