Dead of Winter Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

Dead of Winter is an insanely popular game in my neck of the woods. Retailers here make big announcements every time it’s in stock, only for the game to sell out minutes later. I was lucky enough to snag one online at 2am a little while ago and have been loving the game since.

This is basically the best Walking Dead board game out there. It captures so much of the action, drama and intrigue that make the show great in a game that is always fun and exciting to play. In particular, players who love games with stories or themes are really going to get a kick out of this one. Games aren’t guaranteed to stay on my awesome list forever, though I don’t this one leaving any time soon. Congratulations Dead of Winter!

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Dead of Winter Review

Things aren’t looking good for you and your fellow colony members. Supplies are running low. The bitterly cold weather puts everyone at risk of catching frostbite. Tensions are running high, as you’re never sure of who your real allies are. Oh yeah, and there are zombies everywhere. Welcome to Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game.

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Board Game Workshop Sessions

One of the best reasons to play board games at Snakes and Lattes is that you’ll always have access to a board game guru. With their vast knowledge in games and experience in teaching games to others, they always seem to teach me a new game in a matter of minutes, versus the hours it usually takes me to fumble through manuals and online tutorial videos. If it were possible, I would want to have access to one of their board game gurus at all times so that they can teach me a new game anywhere.

The harsh reality is that this will never happen. Most of the time, I’m going to have to figure things out on my own or with Steff. In order to avoid placing the burden of learning games the hard way on others, I usually take the time to workshop a game alone or with Steff so that we can make the learning experience better for others.

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