Pocket Tanks Deluxe: The Battle For Subway Supremacy

(Download Pocket Tanks For iPhone)

My first encounter with Pocket Tanks occurred in 2001. I was in high school computer programming class and one of my friends asked me to come over to his computer and play against him. I don’t remember why we had enough time to get in a few matches instead of actually writing code, but that’s moot at this point. Years later, I picked up the free version on a whim because why not?

While it sat on my phone for years collecting cyber dust, the game became the focal point of my afternoon commute when my office moved downtown.

Prior to the move, I drove to-and-from work. But now I travel on the subway, which gives me time to enjoy my 3DS and iPhone. On the way home, I’m accompanied by a coworker who gets out at the same subway stop as me and we play square off in Pocket Tanks almost every day.

At first, the battles were pretty lopsided. He quickly got a feel for the weapons and the ranges. My stubbornness also didn’t help, as I’m always reluctant to move my tank and throw off my own angles. However, the tables have turned quite a bit since buying the Deluxe version and downloading all of the free weapon packs. I’ve picked up on the new stuff faster, which has generally led to me winning more often than not of late.

Regardless of who ultimately wins the war on our subway ride home, Pocket Tanks is still a lot of fun years after the fact. There’s all sorts of ways you can use these weapons to your advantage, and it will always require skill to be a sharpshooter. The free version gives you a good number of weapons to play with that will keep the action interesting for a long time. If you want to expand on it by buying the Deluxe set or the weapons packs, that option is available for you too at a fair price. This may be an oldie, but it’s also a goodie.

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