Metal Gear Solid, Rayman, Coolboarders 2, and More! – PlayStation Classic Live Stream

Hot off the heels of Sony revealing the PlayStation 5 controller, I host an impromptu PlayStation Classic stream! We dabble in numerous games, from Metal Gear Solid to Rayman, while sharing our memories with the iconic console. Also, watch my mind melt as I play Metal Gear Solid for the first time!

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Contra Anniversary Collection Live Stream

Up, up, down, down…you know the rest! Konami Code in full effect as we run our way through the games in the Contra Anniversary Collection!


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Contra Anniversary Collection Review

Who needs an army when you have one-or-two shirtless heroes with big guns? Though it doesn’t make sense that the protagonists in the Contra franchise can’t find any backup (or clothing) on the planet to help them protect the Earth from an alien invasion, the circumstances made for some great action games in the 80s and 90s. Contra Anniversary Collection compiles most of the games released during the franchise’s peak years, including the long-absent NES original and a few international versions with a few unique twists.

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Up, Up, Down, Down…

Nothing says “nostalgia” to me quite like Contra on the NES. As far as video games that got me into the medium, Contra is right up there with Super Mario in terms of influence. As an impressionable youngster with an itch for action, big guns and explosions, Contra was right up my alley. The scenario of two guys with big guns saving the world from an alien apocalypse was so appealing to me at the time, especially when I was watching Saturday morning cartoons pre-Ninja Turtles, which were relatively G-rated. Contra at the time seemed edgy and beyond my age. I loved it for that.

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