Jett Plays X-Men

I use this arcade classic as an excuse to talk about all things X-Men related, including the 90s cartoon, the Legendary deck-building game, an underrated X-Men title on the SNES and more.

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Review: X-Men Arcade for iPhone and iPad

Hot on the heels of the release of X-Men: First Class comes the return of X-Men Arcade. Earlier this year, it made it’s return on XBOX Live and PlayStation Network, which I reviewed when it came out. This time, it’s out as a universal app for the iPhone and iPad. Though a lot of what I said about X-Men Arcade initially still stands for this port, the iOS version does have some perks and quirks worth noting in a separate review.

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X-Men Arcade Review

It’s scary to me to think about how old this game is. Though this game will forever be linked to my childhood, I’m sure that this game is alien to 95% of gamers who weren’t born in the mid-80s or earlier. This game lived and died in the early 90s as a 4-player or 6-player arcade cabinet and was never legally available anywhere else…until now.

If you’ve played this game during the hey day of the arcades, I do not need to sell you on it. You know enough to judge whether or not you’re ready to spend money on this experience again. For everyone else, here’s what you’ve missed out on (or what you’ll get if you decide to pick this up).

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Out Now: X-Men Arcade

When I think about my time in the arcades during the early 90s, I think about two games: Street Fighter II and X-Men Arcade. While Street Fighter II has since appeared on every home video game platform known to man, X-Men Arcade lived and died in the arcade. Unless you still have access to an arcade cabinet, there hasn’t been a (legal) way of playing this game ever since it first appeared in the arcades.

For the rest of us, we can finally now play X-Men arcade on the PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360.

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