The New #1 Ranked Rose Player In The World Is…



After five years and four major revisions to the game, I reached #1 in the world on the Ultra Street Fighter IV Rose leaderboards on PSN. This does not mean I’m the best Rose player in the world, but it’s certainly a validation of all the work I put into becoming a better Street Fighter player. I never really set out to reach this milestone, but when I came within striking distance, I decided to go for it.

I may not hold onto this spot for long. If I were to lose it, I may never reach the top again. However, being able to reach this milestone for even an instant is worth a pat on the back. Besides, how often can anyone say that they are or were actually #1 in the world at anything?

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Trine 2 Impressions

A wizard, knight, and thief walk into a bar. No, this isn’t the setup for a bad joke, but a bad setup for a Trine 2 review. In this 2D puzzle platformer, your objective is to use the three characters you have at your disposal to get past any obstacles in your way as you search for the a magical treasure. Though it was released last year on PC, Mac, XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, I didn’t really give it much thought. However, I always did hear great things about it, and I picked it up when it went on sale recently on XBLA.

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Rock Band Blitz Review

When it comes to video game franchises and their influence on my life, not too many rank higher than Rock Band. Besides the hundreds of additional songs I’ve purchased, and the countless hours I’ve spent rocking out with plastic instruments, the franchise inspired me to graduate to real instruments. I am by no means the next Keith Moon, or Geddy Lee, but I know just enough about playing the drums, and bass to actually play in a band. Even without ambitions of unleashing my real-life rock star, those games were the best the genre had to offer.

Years after the genre collapsed, Harmonix is back with a downloadable music game devoid of the peripherals that defined the Rock Band experience in the first place. Is Rock Band Blitz enough to breathe new life to the genre, or is it way too late to the party?

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Let’s Talk About the PlayStation Network Security Breach

Most PlayStation 3 owners by now have experienced the unfortunate PlayStation Network outage, which has been in effect for a week now. It sucks. It also sucks that it won’t be available again for at least another week. What sucks most though, is the fact that every PSN account was compromised by hackers. Whoever committed the crime likely has enough of our personal and financial information to ruin a number of people’s days.

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Out Now: X-Men Arcade

When I think about my time in the arcades during the early 90s, I think about two games: Street Fighter II and X-Men Arcade. While Street Fighter II has since appeared on every home video game platform known to man, X-Men Arcade lived and died in the arcade. Unless you still have access to an arcade cabinet, there hasn’t been a (legal) way of playing this game ever since it first appeared in the arcades.

For the rest of us, we can finally now play X-Men arcade on the PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360.

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Late to the Party: Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter Alpha is a landmark game in my life as a fighting game player. This was the first fighting game that I completely missed in its prime during my 14 year run without fighting games. I didn’t plan on missing out on this game; I actively purchased video game magazines to read Street Fighter Alpha coverage. However, it came out during a time when I wasn’t going to the arcade and I didn’t own a system that could run Alpha at home, so I never played more than 20 minutes of it at someones house years after the fact.

This was the first game I picked up on Playstation Network after buying my Playstation 3. Even though I have other fighting games to attend to, I really wanted to go back and give this one a fair shake to see what I’ve missed out on after all these years.

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