Improve the Sound of Your Microphone by Adding a De-Esser in OBS

When your voice gets recorded or broadcasted through a microphone, it oftentimes emphasizes the harsh tones that occur when you make certain sounds with your voice. In particular, sibilant consonants such as “s” and “z” are overemphasized through a microphone and create tones that are unpleasant to listen to. You don’t want to drive viewers away because it hurts their ears every time you say words like “snake”, “sand”, or “zebra”.

Thankfully, minimizing those unpleasant tones can be done through a de-esser. You can set one up in OBS within a matter of minutes with the help of this guide. Kudos to Atomic Overdrive for almost all of this information, as I followed their guide while trying to resolve my sibilance issues and am largely adapting their knowledge in this post. However, I will try to add any extra insight I have to make this a more complete guide for you, including where to put the de-esser in your processing chain.

Follow along and let’s make your voice even more pleasant to listen to by adding a de-esser in OBS!

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Why I Didn’t Quit Streaming After a Year With 0 Viewers

Streaming to zero viewers is an experience that is surprisingly common. 95% of streamers on Twitch average 0-5 concurrent viewers per stream. Even so, it doesn’t make the sensation sting any less. I don’t blame anyone for quitting because they don’t like streaming to an empty room. The whole point of streaming is to share that experience with others. When there isn’t a demand for it, what’s the point of carrying on?

I know this darkness all too well. During my first year of streaming, I bounced around between YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. My viewer count was basically zero the entire time. Didn’t even get a single message in the chat. And it wasn’t like I was streaming once in a blue moon. I streamed more back then. Extra time didn’t help one bit.

With hundreds of hours logged in the void, what kept me going? And what can you learn from my trials and tribulations?

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Improve Your Webcam Image Quality with LUTs in OBS and Streamlabs OBS

At this point, we’re all familiar with image filters in social media apps such as Instagram. But did you know that streaming software such as OBS and Streamlabs OBS can do filters too? With the power of LUTs, you can apply filters to your image to improve the quality or create a dramatic effect. It might even save you the cost of buying a better camera. Here’s how!

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My Streaming Gear Christmas Wish List 2019 Edition

Streaming equipment can be addictive. As soon as you get one piece, the desire to get more and better stuff doesn’t stop gnawing at your consciousness. Around this time of year, there’s a glimmer of hope that Saint Nick has also binged on the same Alpha Gaming videos you watched and is ready to trick out your streaming setup with everything you’ve been longing for.

Or, you could just write it out in a list for him like this!

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My crappy Twitter account and the larger discussion about maintaining the In Third Person experience

Oh you didn’t know In Third Person has a Twitter account? I don’t blame you.

When I first started the blog in 2009, I set up a Twitter account to take advantage of being able to post from the blog to Twitter automatically. From then on, it was nothing more than a content-posting robot. For that handful of people that have subscribed to my Twitter feed over the years in spite of this, thank you. Also, why would you subject yourself to that?!

It’s emblematic of how I’ve handled external platforms until fairly recently. External platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch were afterthoughts. Nothing more than platforms with functions that could help enhance the experience on my site. To a certain extent, I still don’t know how engaged I want to be on those, as external outreach isn’t necessarily a priority for me. However, being a spam machine isn’t a good look regardless.

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In Third Person is Now on Facebook!

in-third-person-facebookIn Third Person is now on Facebook!

Admittedly, this move was not originally part of the master plan. However, in order to stream on Facebook, it has to be done through a fan page. Thus, now it exists.

Hopefully, Facebook will get to a point where I could leverage or Elgato’s in-app solution for streaming to Facebook and other channels at once. For now, I’ll run a few Facebook-only streams and feature some site content there as well.

Not sure where this will go, but hoping you’ll join me on this new venture into Facebook!

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Social vs. Gaming: Why I Haven’t Jumped Into the Social Games Scene

I love social media. I am a long-time blogger, active Facebook and Twitter user, and enjoy the technologies so much that I pursued a career in which I could work with these technologies on a regular basis. I currently work in the digital/interactive advertising business, where leveraging social technologies to improve our clients’ position in the marketplace is part of my everyday life.

Combined with my love of games, I should be all over social games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars and Foursquare. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. As of now, I have no personal interest in playing any social games. It’s not the social elements that turn me off to the scene; it’s the gaming part.
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Up, Up, Down, Down…

Nothing says “nostalgia” to me quite like Contra on the NES. As far as video games that got me into the medium, Contra is right up there with Super Mario in terms of influence. As an impressionable youngster with an itch for action, big guns and explosions, Contra was right up my alley. The scenario of two guys with big guns saving the world from an alien apocalypse was so appealing to me at the time, especially when I was watching Saturday morning cartoons pre-Ninja Turtles, which were relatively G-rated. Contra at the time seemed edgy and beyond my age. I loved it for that.

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