My Streaming Gear Christmas Wish List 2019 Edition

Streaming equipment can be addictive. As soon as you get one piece, the desire to get more and better stuff doesn’t stop gnawing at your consciousness. Around this time of year, there’s a glimmer of hope that Saint Nick has also binged on the same Alpha Gaming videos you watched and is ready to trick out your streaming setup with everything you’ve been longing for.

Or, you could just write it out in a list for him like this!


Lighting has always been a challenge. I stream in a dimly-lit basement that doesn’t get any sunlight. The light fixture on my ceiling is a three-pronged nightmare that makes it incredibly difficult to light the room evenly.

I get by right now with two hand-me-down box lights that are way too bright and hot to point directly at me. One of them is broken at the clip, making it impossible to mount on a stand. Right now both lights are propped up on chairs with moving boxes stacked on top. Of course, there’s also my makeshift light rig affixed along the top shelf of my desk made with a clearance LED light strip and a dollar store picnic table to act as a diffuser. In combination with my new Logitech BRIO camera, the result is a lot better than it used to be.

Even so, there’s a lot of room for improvement here. Ideally, a set of adjustable LED panels would be great for lighting my face. Being able to control the colour temperature and brightness will give me more control over how everything looks. Having functional clips would be great too for the purposes of using proper light stands.

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I don’t want to stop there. Would love to add touches of colour to the background. This could be done with cheap light fixtures and coloured bulbs. But what if we took it to the next level? We could go as far as hooking up smart lights to the stream and allowing viewers to control what colours appear. That would look awesome and be a fun way of adding engagement to the show.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

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I use the ancient Elgato Game Capture HD. It still works, but it won’t let me stream at 60 frames per second in most cases, while also adding a ton of delay due to its USB 2.0 connection. Between the slower transfer speed and OBS’s hard cap on device delay, I can’t run any more than one camera if I want my webcam to be in sync with my gameplay. That includes Discord video calls, meaning that when I play with friends on stream, you see me react to things happening in the game a split second before they occur.

Upgrading to an HD60 S will finally allow me to stream at 60fps, while reducing my overall device lag. Hopefully, if the delay is short enough, I can finally support multiple cameras. That would allow me to get a wider shot of the room, which then gives me more opportunities to decorate!

Streaming Decor

The backdrop has become an important aspect of my show. Updated every month, I showcase a lot of art and items relating to my interests within and outside of gaming. Most recently, I installed a shelf, making it easier to showcase items that can’t be mounted to the wall. Though I still have a lot of stuff to cycle in, I’m always open for more cool items and artwork to showcase!

Elgato Stream Deck XL

Elgato Stream Deck XL

I adore my Elgato Stream Deck. My only gripe with it? I wish it had more buttons! The Stream Deck XL solves this issue by adding more than twice the amount. For all of the game show functions on Boss Rush, the XL would be a godsend.

New Computer

This one is a reach. I know Santa isn’t rich, and he has to spread his love across billions of other people. But I have to put this out into the world. Even if not for him, then for me to eventually work towards.

I’ve hit the ceiling on what my current computer can do. I’ve added an NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card to ease the strain on my CPU. A solid state drive to fix the lip sync issues I was having in the past. Also added a larger power supply to support the graphics card.

However, my CPU is still perilously close to the ceiling of its capabilities, even though I’m only streaming at 720p 30fps. It’s also an older motherboard that won’t support the modern DDR5 format of RAM. Also, a bit more RAM headroom would be nice.

Between a new motherboard, processor, and RAM, I’m pretty much going to have to leave this current PC behind, gutting it for the parts I more recently installed. Will likely need a new case too, as this one barely fits everything in it. Not holding my breath to find this underneath my Christmas tree, but how sweet would it be to actually get one?!

If you’re a streamer, what are you hoping to add to your rig? If you’re interested in starting, what piece of equipment would you want to get first? Put it out into the universe for Santa to hear!

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