Universal Fighting Game Guide: The Don’ts (and Do’s) of Flowcharting


Poor Ken Masters. As a character, his capabilities are fairly standard issue. However, the sight of Ken is enough to induce a groan from even the most casual Street Fighter fans. It has nothing to do with the character himself, but rather the player using him. There’s a good reason why the term “Flowchart Ken” exists.

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Jett vs. BLACKHAWKxDOWN in Super Street Fighter IV

Hardcore followers of the Street Fighter IV community have no doubt seen this video. This is the clip that put DarkSydePhil on the map as a voice in the community, and also the video that exposed XBOX Live user BLACKHAWKxDOWN for his flowchart style and his dubious manipulation of the rules to his advantage.

To my surprise, I found BLACKHAWKxDOWN on XBOX Live yesterday, who was hosting ranked matches on his end. I joined his lobby and his signature Ken faced off against my Rose. Was I able to do what DarkSydePhil didn’t do on that fateful day?

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