Everyone is Here! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Live Stream featuring Adventure Rules, PlayerTwoStart, and MrBlueSky0508!

Adventure Rules, PlayerTwoStart, and MrBlueSky0508 join me for an extended Super Smash Bros. Ultimate session! The first few matches were a bit laggy, but it got way better once we switched to 1v1. Besides the highly competitive matches filled with perfect shields, we share our origin stories with Nintendo’s fighter, share our hopes for future Smash Bros characters, and Jett makes it rain G-Fuel!

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Pikachu, Pichu, Ganondorf, Ike, and Lucina Test My Ken in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Representatives from Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and The Legend of Zelda show no mercy to my Ken in this assortment of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online matches!

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In Search of a Main Character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

I thought my search for a main character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was over before it began. Ryu is one of my all-time favourite video game characters and much of his tool set carries over quite faithfully into this game. However, his reliance on varying button input timings makes him one of the more execution-heavy characters in the game. With so much more for me to learn about the game, now’s not the time to be working about transitioning between regular and feathery button presses for every single combo.

Because of this, I’ve been keeping an eye on the roster as a whole and making preliminary mental notes on who I like based on my time using them in the Classic mode and World of Light. Keep in mind that I am not a Smash Bros. expert, so in no way is this expert analysis. Just what I’ve observed and what I’ve liked so far!

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Street Fighter V Final Beta Ken Matches and Impressions

Ryu’s fiery rival is back and more unique than ever. Besides the obvious change to his appearance, his arsenal has a number of new normal moves and modifications to his specials. Most obvious is the change to his Hurricane Kick, as the heavy version doesn’t travel in a straight line anymore and the jumping EX version comes down fast like a dive kick. While he’s been tuned to be more of an up-close threat than ever, it comes at the cost of his reach. His normal moves have been shortened, and his fireball game is weaker than it’s ever been. To succeed now, you’re going to have to rush in and rush hard.

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Street Fighter V Beta Ken Impressions

To the surprise of no one, Ryu’s fiery rival returns in Street Fighter V. What people didn’t expect was the transformation he’s made in the process. Sporting a different look and possessing many different properties in his move set, the separation between the two shotos is clearer than ever. Ken’s moves are certainly flashier than Ryu’s, but the choice to use one over the other is more complicated than that.
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Street Fighter V Beta Ken Matches Part 1

Ken Masters enters Street Fighter V in a dramatically different state. While he still of the same general archetype as Ryu, he’s been tuned in a way that makes him a much more aggressive-minded fighter than ever. Tune in to watch me come to grips with Ken’s new tools!

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Dhalsim, Six DLC Characters and a Release Date Announced for Street Fighter V

Lots of big Street Fighter V news coming out of Paris Games Week. For starters, Capcom revealed Dhalsim as the latest character added to the playable roster. I’m generally not a fan of the Yoga master, but I love everything I’ve seen in the trailer, from his new look to the plethora of changes made to his arsenal. Definitely excited to give him a shot.

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Covering Part 2 of the Street Fighter V Beta

I missed most of the Street Fighter V beta the first time around. After an epic fail of a launch, Capcom conveniently rescheduled the beta to fall on a weekend where I would be out of the province. Played as much as I could on the first and last days of the beta, but it certainly wasn’t ideal.

Hoping that I would be fully available for the second go-around, it clearly wasn’t meant to be. Capcom scheduled their four-day beta during a time when I would be away with Steff for a marriage retreat for three of those days. Also, during one of the periods where I could actually play, the power was scheduled to be shut off in my building. Once again, I made the most with the little time I had.

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