Dhalsim, Six DLC Characters and a Release Date Announced for Street Fighter V

Lots of big Street Fighter V news coming out of Paris Games Week. For starters, Capcom revealed Dhalsim as the latest character added to the playable roster. I’m generally not a fan of the Yoga master, but I love everything I’ve seen in the trailer, from his new look to the plethora of changes made to his arsenal. Definitely excited to give him a shot.

While he was the only named character announced at this event, Capcom did also state that six characters will be made available as downloadable content in 2016. Who could they be? Well, if you trace the outlines in the above image, and correlate them to the hacked data from the PC version of the Street Fighter V beta, there’s a very high chance that those new characters are (from left to right): Balrog, Guile, Urien, Ibuki, Juri and Alex.

I am of a few minds about this announcement and leak tandem. For one, it’s great that Capcom is moving to a rolling character release schedule instead of their usual practice of dropping a set of characters once a year. Doing it this way gives players something to look for throughout the year. These projected six characters may not by favourites, but on paper they are solid choices. I’m most looking forward to how Capcom re-imagines these legacy characters for this new game, as they’ve proven with other Street Fighter V characters that they’re open to shaking things up.

On the other hand, six new characters in a year pales in comparison to the 10 new characters that came with Super Street Fighter IV. Not necessarily a fair comparison, as Capcom wanted us to buy a brand new disc for that privelage (spelling), but six feels just a bit thin. When you space it out, the sound of one new character every two months sounds reasonable, but I kind of want just a bit more.

While it’s not necessarily too late for Capcom to surprise us, knowing the 2016 roster now kills a lot of the suspense. Specifically for me, now I know to not hold my breath for Rose until 2017 at the earliest, which feels like a lifetime from now. If your favourite character hasn’t been announced yet, we’re probably on the same boat. Nevertheless, this us ultimately a net positive for the franchise.

Last but not least is that a release date has been announced. Street Fighter V is now set to be released on February 16th, 2016. Based on Capcom’s past history with fighting game releases, I had this pegged as a February release for quite some time. That said, it’s great to finally lock that down. May need to book a day off of work for this, so having that confirmed now allows me to plan ahead.

With so much information about Street Fighter V in the wild now, what’s left? For starters, we still have one more playable character to be revealed. If the rumored lists continue to be correct, expect a character named Zen to be announced in the near future. Also looming out there are details of the game’s story mode. Capcom has stated that the game’s single player story experience will be better this time around, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that pans out.

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