Jett vs. BLACKHAWKxDOWN in Super Street Fighter IV

Hardcore followers of the Street Fighter IV community have no doubt seen this video. This is the clip that put DarkSydePhil on the map as a voice in the community, and also the video that exposed XBOX Live user BLACKHAWKxDOWN for his flowchart style and his dubious manipulation of the rules to his advantage.

To my surprise, I found BLACKHAWKxDOWN on XBOX Live yesterday, who was hosting ranked matches on his end. I joined his lobby and his signature Ken faced off against my Rose. Was I able to do what DarkSydePhil didn’t do on that fateful day?

Before I talk about the match, I should state that we played in a standard best of 3 rounds match with a 99 second clock. BLACKHAWKxDOWN had roughly 2300 PP and over 9000 BP for his Ken (insert Dragon Ball Z joke here). If you’re not familiar with how Street Fighter rankings work, those point values are really good. To contrast, I peaked at 2600 PP and the highest I’ve ever reached in BP was 5500. Based solely on the numbers, I may have been in over my head.

I was kind of hoping I would run into the same BLACKHAWKxDOWN I saw in that video. To his credit, he looked a lot better in our match than he did in the DSP video, where he was wildly cranking out uppercuts in hopes of connecting something. He had good execution and was taking advantage of some higher-lever Ken techniques. I was able to rally late in round 1 to steal the win.

The second round was lopsided. I took it to him good with an awesome Rose rush-down. I had him dizzy and was going in for the kill when the game froze. He rage quit.

I’m sad that I don’t have any video to prove my story. All I have is a screen shot that shows I played him. But it warms my heart to know that I got the chance to fight him and he couldn’t deal with losing to me so much that he rage quit. Watch out Daigo, you’re next!

UPDATE: I just fought BLACKHAWKxDOWN again. I was not as fortunate. Surprise surprise, after he beat me the first time, he was super reluctant to face off in a rematch. I’m not even mad about losing. I just find it hilarious that my one win that he stole from me haunts him enough to run away from me.

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