World Warrior Diary: My Recent Chronicles of Super Street Fighter IV Tragedy and Triumph

I still reflect back on my experience at T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships. As a serious fighting game player, it’s hard not to reflect back on the things that went well and the things that didn’t at the biggest tournament of my life to date. In particular, I came out of T12 really disappointed with my performance in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Sure, I got embarrassed by Chi Rithy (pictured above) on the Team Spooky stream for thousands to see, but my saltiness coming out of that event was more deeply rooted than that. Despite the fact that I’ve played over 1,000 hours of Street Fighter IV since 2009, I felt like I was one of the weakest Street Fighter competitors there based on the level of play I saw and my poor Street Fighter record on that day.

That experience was enough to reinvigorate my interest in Street Fighter IV and my desire to be the best I can be.

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My Experience at T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships

Get hype!

Yesterday, I came to bring the pain at T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships. While it was not my first-ever fighting game tournament, it was definitely my first fighting game tournament of this magnitude. Everything about this one had a lot more weight to it, from the Team Spooky stream, to the international players flying in for this event, to the skill-sets of the players attending, to the hype that filled the room when something dramatic happened. Having watched these types of events take place for years from afar, it was very cool to be a part of it this time.

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I’m Going To T12: Toronto Fighting Game Championships

Last year, I dipped my toe into the competitive gaming waters by participating in Fan Expo 2010’s Super Street Fighter IV tournament. While I was bummed out that Fan Expo didn’t run any fighting game tournaments this year, I am attending something that will most likely be way cooler.

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