Justin Wong and jmcrofts with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Content I Need

The shelf-life for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will depend entirely my ability to “git gud”. I don’t have to be as good as Mango or HungryBox, but I want to get past the button-mashing stage and have the ability to approach and play the game with purpose. I wasn’t able to do it with Smash 4 due to the high difficulty curve of translating my traditional fighting game skills to this game, along with a lack of commitment to really push forward. But without another competitive game taking away my focus, maybe I’ll finally get there this time.

Helping me and others along the way are some great videos from traditional fighting game players Justin Wong and jmcrofts!

Despite having lost to me on one occasion, Justin is one of the most legendary fighting game players of all-time and one of my idols in the scene. He admits that he’s not a Smash Bros. expert, but he covers the basics of the game in a way that’s clearly targeted towards traditional fighting game players like me looking to make the jump. I didn’t know the parts about the short hop inputs and the parrying, so these are nice bits of info to have!

The above video from jmcrofts isn’t actually a tutorial, but it does involve him playing a series of matches against online competition. He’s not a Smash Bros. expert either, but he’s approaching the game as a traditional fighting game player would while talking through his actions. I love how he explained the strategy behind planting the tree while firing off projectiles, daring his opponent to come in and possibly get clocked by the tree if they get too close. I can also see him punishing moves that are slow to recover with grabs. I also like his use of the dancing robot thing to cover his approach like Guile throwing out a slow Sonic Boom while walking behind it for cover.

I know there are more comprehensive videos out there from Smash Bros. experts, but being able to see and hear players with my background go through it helps me better connect with the concepts. I’ll keep digging for more educational material and maybe someday I won’t be a complete fraud!

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