Ranking 5 Indie Fighting Games on the Nintendo Switch from Worst-to-Best

In this silver age of fighting games, independent developers have been able to find their footing in the scene. From the silly Divekick to the visually-stunning and mechanically-deep Skullgirls, these games have received critical acclaim, sold well, and established their own communities. They may not have the name recognition as some of the AAA titans in the genre, but a number of indie fighters have proven to be worthy alternatives.

So far, I’ve sampled five indie fighters on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s how I rank them from worst-to-best!

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Join Us for Episode 14 of Boss Rush Tonight @ 8:30pm EST

It’s been a long time. We shouldn’t have left you! Without a dope show to step to!

Scheduling conflicts have made it difficult to get the band back together, but here we are in full force! Join Kris, Rachel, Jason, Mat, Jon, and I to discuss a ton of games, including Yoshi’s Crafted World, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Nine Parchments, Paper Mario, Game Dev Tycoon, Tetris 99, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, and Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy and more! Also, does Jason have what it takes to win today’s game show and retain the Boss Rush championship belt? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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Warming Up to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

The bar for fighting games in modern times is higher than ever.  From AAA efforts like Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, and Mortal Kombat 11, to indie titles like Skullgirls and Pocket Rumble, the genre is now packed with games that are built with smart combat mechanics, accessibility, depth, balance, and tournament viability in mind. Even licensed games like Dragon Ball FighterZ headlined the EVO main stage while outselling previous Dragon Ball fighting games by making a title that appealed to both fans of the show and the hardcore tournament crowd.

Though I’ve had my concerns about the upcoming Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid due to it being a licensed game and featuring mediocre graphics, the fact that Justin Wong was working on the game as a balance consultant gave me hope that this might not be a cash grab. After watching the game’s first live stream, I have more hope that this will reach the standard set by other competitive fighting games on the market.

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Initial Thoughts on What We’ve Seen of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid So Far

Admittedly, I haven’t followed the Power Rangers since their original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers run in the early 90s. Having said that, I know the franchise continues to thrive with new stories being told in that universe all the time on TV, in comic books, and even in the theatres. As far as games go, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has been a popular mobile fighting game for some time.

Now the Power Rangers are jumping back onto home platforms, and hopefully leaving the most broken fighting game character of all-time behind. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a 3v3 tag fighter that stars a whole bunch of rangers from different generations. I have my concerns, but I also have hopes that this won’t be terrible.

I like the idea of this being a tag fighter. The Power Rangers fight as a team, so of course they would team up. This looks to borrow the basic framework established by the Marvel vs. Capcom series, where you control one “point” character, while the others can be called upon to perform assist moves.

From the little we’ve seen in the trailer, it looks like the game is going to make good use of this mechanic. In this one GIF above, the classic red ranger does a move that allows him to dash behind his opponent, while his yellow ranger assist continues to hit him from the front. Classic tag fighter tactics right there.

However, the animation of the game gives me pause. Movements look stiff in a way that is jarring to my eye. Combine that with the game’s overall pedestrian presentation, and I’m a bit concerned with how the game is shaping up.

At the very least, I’m glad to see the developers taking this game at least somewhat seriously. Fighting game legend Justin Wong has announced that he’s involved in the project in a consultant role. Not sure what his abilities are as a fighting game designer, but he’s phenomenal at playing them, even if he did lose to me once (and no, I will never let him live that down). Hoping his expertise helps take the project to the next level while possibly opening up more career opportunities for him!

We won’t have to wait too long to see how Power Rangers: Battle of the Grid turns out. The game is set for release this spring. Fingers crossed that it shapes up to be a quality fighter!

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