My Struggle with Smash Bros.

I used to love playing the Smash Bros. series of games. However, a long hiatus and a developed skill-set in traditional fighting games really warped my approach to Smash to the point where I struggle to play it and enjoy it at any level. Will be picking up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December though, so maybe that one will be the game that gets me back on the wagon!

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Pikmin 3 and Doing It Wrong

Recently, I started playing Pikmin 3. Having never played any of the games in the series before, it caught me off guard in a number of ways. For instance, I didn’t expect the little critters to melt my heart with their sheer cuteness. I also found that watching those same adorable creatures die in assorted ways was rather traumatic. Most surprising to me was how hardcore its gameplay mechanics were. Dig past its cuddly exterior and this is a game that can mercilessly rip out your still-beating heart from your chest.

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Thoughts on Blur’s Career Mode


I really like Blur’s Career Mode in concept. It’s designed in a way to make sure that you’re never stuck on one thing. You always have multiple races you can choose from and different goals to work towards in order to unlock the next series of races or the next rival race. Even when you lose races, you can still earn fans or new cars.

But what happens when you get stuck on every available option? This is what’s happened to me in Blur. I’m not very far into the career mode at all, but I’ve already hit the wall. Maybe more determined (or skilled) players would fight through it, but I’m going to have to disappoint Vin Diesel on this one.

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