My DropMix Wish List

The last thing I need to aid in my crippling addiction of buying every DropMix expansion in sight is more DropMix cards. Yet here we are. Due to the additive nature of the game, I had to make a wish list, right?

I went through the not-so-scientific process of scrolling through my Spotify for the first five songs that I thought would be great DropMix songs. Keep in mind that while I want to hear songs I genuinely like, I’m also asking for songs that I think would work within the game’s framework of breaking songs down to their individual instruments and matching those with instruments from other songs. Here’s list one of probably many to come!

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The Horrific Pikmin 3 Massacre of 2018

Tune in to watch a rusty Pikmin 3 player inadvertently sabotage his crew to the point where they have no food left and almost all of their Pikmin are dead. I will be better next time.

Stick around for the great conversation between everyone that joined the stream though!

And yes, I totally talked about Taylor Swift again and nobody can stop me!

Taylor Swift and Transcending Rocksmith

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this on the blog, but I do bring it up on The Recurring Bosscast a lot. I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. I own all of her albums, loudly sing her songs when she comes on the radio and am not ashamed to admit my fandom for her music. A few days after starting Rocksmith, I set myself a personal goal that I would one day learn how to play one of her songs. However, two things got in the way of that goal:

1) Most of her songs require a capo, which I don’t own. This is a relatively easy fix.

2) I just started learning how to play guitar and everything about it was hard.

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