Trade or Keep Mario Tennis Aces?

Mario Tennis Aces has fallen out of my rotation in a big way and I don’t know if I’m better off just trading it while it still has value. I play it one more time before making the big decision!

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Mario Tennis Aces Review

Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 has proven to be a very difficult act to follow. Released in 2000, Nintendo found the sweet spot between simulation and arcade action that made that game a master-class title. To this day, if you play any of the Mario Tennis games released after this one in “Classic” or “Simple” mode, you’re essentially playing the same game that was conceived almost 20 years ago.

Later installments of the franchise would try really hard to make meaningful additions to its seemingly-iron-clad formula with little luck. Mario Power Tennis on the Gamecube undermined the skill-based action of the original with silly power shots and even sillier courts that were so cluttered with crap that it was hard to discern what was even happening. As for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash – besides being an overall lackluster product – also failed to build on the core formula, as it simply made standard power shots more powerful through jumping and added a mega mushroom that essentially gave you power shots all the time.

It may have taken almost two decades to get here, but Nintendo has finally found a way to make Mario Tennis better.

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Sibling Rivalry! Brothers Square Off in Mario Tennis Aces!

Just got my copy of Mario Tennis Aces and the first thing I did was square off against my brother Randy! He’s got a head start on me, but can I stop him from completely running me over?

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Live Stream

I know Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash got slammed for having very little content, but having played it for the first time just now, I’m actually stunned at how little Nintendo put into this title!

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Throwback! Mario Power Tennis on the Gamecube!

In anticipation of Mario Tennis Aces on the Switch, I take a trip back in time to remember why I didn’t like Mario Power Tennis on the Gamecube. It’s too wacky for my tastes, but to each their own!

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Mario Tennis Aces Demo Impressions

Back in the 90s, I had a torrid love affair with Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64. Finding a brilliant balance between realism and arcade action, I played this a boatload with family and friends. However, I jumped off the bandwagon not long after the criminally-overlooked Game Boy game, which featured a brilliant blend of sports with RPG mechanics. From the Gamecube version and beyond, Nintendo expanded the wacky factor by giving players special shots that undermine the balance of gameplay in favour of the player who has the power shot handy.

At first, I thought the new special shot system in Mario Tennis Aces would be the most egregious yet, as players gain access to a highly-targeted shot that’s controlled from a fist-person perspective. Having played the demo, this new shot, along with the other improvements made to the game, make it the most intriguing entry in the franchise yet.

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Tennis in Hell: The Virtual Boy is 15 Years Old

Long before the August 14th, 1995 release of the Virtual Boy, I was excited to get my hands on one. Up until this point, Nintendo had never let me down. I had read all the preview coverage about the system and even entered a contest from a local newspaper that was giving one away. If that didn’t pan out, I was going to buy the Virtual Boy the moment I had saved up enough money for it.

Last week was the Virtual Boy’s 15th anniversary and I still don’t own one. I’ve had opportunities in recent memory to pick up up after the fact, but I’ve passed on it every time. Even if I did pick one up, it would be more for the humour in it than anything. The fall of the Virtual Boy is well documented, so instead of looking at the big picture, I wanted to talk about my personal experiences with one of the worst video game platforms of all-time.

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