How About That Sim City Launch?

PC coverage is not my forte, but the catastrophe of Sim City‘s launch is nothing short of epic. At the very least, it’s worth following up on this as it was the Bosscast Topic of the Week on the last episode of The Recurring Bosscast. Since launch, the game has royally upset many consumers who can’t play the game at all due to a extreme lack of servers that the game needs to support players. It’s gotten to the point where has currently stopped selling digital versions of the game, EA has stopped advertising the game, and they’re trying to make good with their consumers by offering them a free title later on.

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Games That Make Me Feel Dumb

Video game complexity has come a long way from the days of Pong. Graphics have improved, AI has gotten smarter, control methods have become increasingly complex and the games themselves are more complicated than anything you can find on an Atari 2600.

Due to the way the medium has evolved, there are games and game genres that I cannot wrap my head around, regardless of how hard I try. The following is a list of games and game genres that make me feel dumb after playing them because I can’t come to grips with how to play them. Knowing that there are thousands of other people that are playing the same games just fine only amplifies the stupidity I feel when I fail miserably. Check out my list and tell me if any of these games make you feel dumb, too.
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