The Best Mode in Rogue Company is…Dodge Ball?

If you can dodge bullets, you can dodge a ball?

No, there aren’t any actual balls to duck in the Dodge Ball mode found in Rogue Company. But that doesn’t stop this side mode from currently being the best reason to play this free-to-play shooter.

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Arcade Week | My Most Embarrassing Moment at the Arcade

Arcade Week continues! Can’t believe I’m sharing this story with the internet…

Flashback to the summer of 1998. 13 years young, out with my friend John at the local arcade. We were playing billiards when a group of girls approached us.

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My Failed Attempt at Upgrading My Streaming PC

For months now, I’ve been preparing to upgrade my PC. Though I’ve never done anything of the sort, I’ve had friends coach me on what parts to buy and how to install everything. As soon as all of the parts came in, I cleared off the kitchen table, got a screwdriver, and got to work. This is my story of PC upgrading failure.

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Streamer vs. Video Producer

Back in 2010 when I started the YouTube channel for In Third Person, Twitch didn’t exist, and the concept of game streaming was still in its infancy. I figured that someday, when I finally got the equipment to do it properly, I would make video game related content for YouTube. Years have passed, the world of streaming is born, and now I have more to think about.

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Street Fighter V’s Bad Word of Mouth and What it Could Mean For the Future

Street Fighter V User ReviewsThe launch of Street Fighter V has been a disaster. On day one, the servers didn’t work, making the game largely unplayable. Since then, the server issues have continued to improve, though the issues with the game’s paltry feature set still exist. In particular, casual players got hit hardest, as the lack of single player content is maddening. Due to this slight, the user scores for this game have been horrendous, even though the actual gameplay is better than its ever been.

As a hardcore player, it can be easy to be dismissive of the casual gamer’s point of view. For me, it has online play, training mode and 8-player lobbies will be arriving in a few days. I’m good. But for the overall well-being of the game, I should be worried.

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How About That Sim City Launch?

PC coverage is not my forte, but the catastrophe of Sim City‘s launch is nothing short of epic. At the very least, it’s worth following up on this as it was the Bosscast Topic of the Week on the last episode of The Recurring Bosscast. Since launch, the game has royally upset many consumers who can’t play the game at all due to a extreme lack of servers that the game needs to support players. It’s gotten to the point where has currently stopped selling digital versions of the game, EA has stopped advertising the game, and they’re trying to make good with their consumers by offering them a free title later on.

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