Arcade Week | My Most Embarrassing Moment at the Arcade

Arcade Week continues! Can’t believe I’m sharing this story with the internet…

Flashback to the summer of 1998. 13 years young, out with my friend John at the local arcade. We were playing billiards when a group of girls approached us.

To this day, I’m still awful at reading social cues. I can’t tell when people like me, hate me, want me to keep talking, or want me to shut up. But in this one moment, I knew they were into us. They stopped to look at us, just as I was about to break from the top of the table.

The moment immediately gave me the jitters. Already uncomfortable with the break shot, now I had to do it with a bunch of girls checking us out. I took a deep breath, and went for it.


Just like that, my cue grazed the top left corner of the ball. The cue ball puttered to the left; well off target. The girls giggled, and walked away. Damn.

A few minutes later, they came back. One of the girls asked my friend John for his number. No one asked me for mine. Would it have been different had I made the shot? In a way, I hope that’s the case. It would suck even more knowing that they never had any interest in me regardless of whether I made the shot or not.

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