The resurrection of Anthem? According to EA and BioWare, a major overhaul is coming

Anthem was…a bit of a letdown. It showed well as a proof-of-concept for a game where players fly around and shoot things, but everything else about it felt half-baked. Every mission featured the exact same structure and your in-game actions did little to tie into the game’s larger narrative.

I ultimately traded my copy away not long after experiencing the blatant padding that was its tomb missions. Not long after, Jason Schreier published an explosive expose on the development of BioWare’s most recent disaster, further solidifying the notion that it was best for me to walk away.

Many have long since abandoned Anthem, but EA and BioWare aren’t ready to let go. According to a recent post on BioWare’s blog, the game will be receiving a major rework in the future.

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Tomb Raider Review

The Tomb Raider franchise means a lot of things to a lot of people. Some associate her with their original love of PlayStation. Others adore her for being a pioneer of girl power in video games. There might be one or two people for whom Lara was their first crush on a video game character. For me, she didn’t mean much. As a diehard Nintendo fanboy during her heyday, I wanted nothing to do with that series. Nor did I feel I was missing much, as the series never won me over during the few times I actually played a Tomb Raider title. This reboot may have rubbed some purists the wrong way, but this is definitely more up my alley.

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