How Super Mario Maker 2 Won Me Over

I liked Super Mario Maker a lot. I’m not one who enjoys making stuff in games, but I did have a great time during the brief stretch where I was into it. However, it fell out of my rotation pretty quickly when my interest in making levels waned and it felt like all of the user-created levels I encountered were awful. Because of this, Super Mario Maker 2 was not on my radar at all.

Then the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct happened. What I saw knocked my socks off! While I expected Nintendo to make improvements over the original, the sheer volume of improvements on display were staggering.

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(UPDATE) Jett Reacts to Nintendo Direct E3 2018!


New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Super Mario Party! Fortnite out now! Watch me react to the full Nintendo Direct from E3 2018!

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ARMS Live Stream and March 8, 2018 Nintendo Direct Recap

The stream was a bust, but that didn’t stop me from playing ARMS while quickly running down the news from the latest Nintendo Direct! Also, Smash Bros.!

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Arms Impresses at the May 17th Nintendo Direct

With its impending release less than a month away, Nintendo pulled back the curtain even further on Arms. In this 20-minute presentation, they unveiled new characters, a number of new modes, a commitment to free post-launch DLC and the announcement of an upcoming beta. Despite my skepticism of the game, Nintendo might have me on the brink of caving in.

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