Super Punch-Out!! and When Great Isn’t Great Enough

The night before every stream, I do a technical check. Firing up all of my equipment, I ensure that everything is functioning as intended and that the audio mix between my mic and the game. After configuring everything for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, I revisited an old fave: Super Punch-Out!!.

At the time of its release, I adored this game. Beat it many times over back in the day, and couldn’t put it down on this day until I sent the final boss down to the canvas. Much of my muscle memory was still intact, as I finished the campaign with a record of 16-2.

In large part, Super Punch-Out!! is still a great game and worthy of your time. Personally, I think it’s better than Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! – its predecessor that has reached mythical status in the gaming community. Even so, it quickly got lost in the shuffle at the time of its release and it’s nonexistent in the greater conversation of gaming. What happened? Continue reading

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – Live Stream – Hyrule Castle to Desert Palace

I swear this live stream isn’t sponsored by 7-Eleven and Nintendo! In advance of Link’s Awakening‘s release, we take a quick stop in Hyrule for A Link to the Past! As I fumble my way through Hyrule as “Jettt”, we discuss our picks for most overrated Zelda game, seeing Ellen Page IRL @ the Toronto International Film Festival, using save states as a crutch, and what games we’re hoping Santa leaves under our Christmas tree this year!

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How Super Mario Maker 2 Won Me Over

I liked Super Mario Maker a lot. I’m not one who enjoys making stuff in games, but I did have a great time during the brief stretch where I was into it. However, it fell out of my rotation pretty quickly when my interest in making levels waned and it felt like all of the user-created levels I encountered were awful. Because of this, Super Mario Maker 2 was not on my radar at all.

Then the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct happened. What I saw knocked my socks off! While I expected Nintendo to make improvements over the original, the sheer volume of improvements on display were staggering.

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Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers Can Now Save on Purchases with Game Vouchers

Introduced at the end of the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct, Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers give Nintendo Switch Online subscribers the ability to save on select games. Sold as a pair for $99.99, you can redeem them for two $60 games and save $20. You can buy multiple sets of vouchers at a time and vouchers are good for a year after purchase. However, it looks like vouchers will only be sold until July 31st.

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Tetris 99 – Season 1 Big Block DLC Review

Tetris 99 has been one of 2019’s biggest surprises. Putting a battle royale spin on a timeless classic has grown to become Nintendo Switch Online’s killer app. Even with only one mode during the first few months of the game’s existence, I’ve poured dozens of hours into the game and had no plans of stopping.

But for players looking to shake things up, the Big Block DLC is available for purchase. For $9.99 USD, you get access to two new offline modes. Are these new additions enough to pry you away from the online multiplayer action?

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Tetris 99 Live Stream

Move over, Fortnite! Tetris 99 is the new battle royale king! I get REALLY into Tetris 99, including multiple wins and one big meltdown! We also talk about Valentine’s Day and the struggles that come with dating!


Winning four straight matches to close out the stream!

An extended conversation about the struggles of dating

Controller-throwing rage


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Tetris 99 Review

The battle royale sub-genre of games has a new competitor in town. Going beyond the bounds of the shooter, The Tetris Company and Nintendo surprised the world with Tetris 99. Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, 99 players enter one room and battle in block-dropping warfare until only one remains. Tetris in its base form is one of the greatest games of all-time, but how does it translate to the modern battle royale format?

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Untitled Video Game Show Episode 0.3

We break down Nintendo’s new paid online service for the Switch, gush over Valkyria Chronicles, and share our memories of wrestling legend Rey Mysterio Jr.!

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Nintendo’s Recently Announced Paid Online Service Revealed


Days before E3, Nintendo pulled the lid off of their Nintendo Switch Online service. For $20 a year, you’re getting online play, lobbies, voice chat, eShop deals, along with a new Classic Game Selection offering that could be the gem of this whole service.

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