Punch-Out – #tysonchallenge Take 2

The Punch-Out #tysonchallenge battle continues! I make some decent strides, but this battle isn’t over until Mr. Dream is knocked out once and for all! Your move, Double Jump!

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Double Jump and In Third Person Compete in the Punch-Out #tysonchallenge

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It started out as a troll.

At the end of Rachel of Double Jump fame’s Dr. Mario stream, we were all talking about the NES Classic. Rachel had just played Punch-Out for the first time the night before and was singing its praises. In that moment, I asked her if she could fight against Mr. Dream/Mike Tyson for us. She had no idea what was coming.

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Mike Tyson Ate My Children


Mike Tyson is famous for a lot of things. On top of being one of the greatest boxers of all-time, he’s also a legendary last boss in the world of video games. He’s so brutally hard, that Nintendo freely gave away the code to skip directly to Mike Tyson, if you dared. You may think, “Oh man! I can skip to the end; this will be a cake walk!” but then Iron Mike hits you with a lightning-quick punch you didn’t see and you instantly hit the canvas. It’s then you realize, you’re screwed.