Double Jump and In Third Person Compete in the Punch-Out #tysonchallenge

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It started out as a troll.

At the end of Rachel of Double Jump fame’s Dr. Mario stream, we were all talking about the NES Classic. Rachel had just played Punch-Out for the first time the night before and was singing its praises. In that moment, I asked her if she could fight against Mr. Dream/Mike Tyson for us. She had no idea what was coming.

Mr. Dream/Mike Tyson is one of the most notorious boss fights in all of video games. Possessing lightning speed and one-hit knockout punching power for the first 90 seconds of the fight, defeating him is the video game equivalent of climbing Mount Everest. While I have seen a handful of people do it, I have never beaten him in the 30 or so years of playing this game. Not even the real Mike Tyson can beat his digital incarnate.

She had none of this context before going into the encounter. While she miraculously dodged his first punch, the next one would send her to canvas. Stunned, but not ready to give up, she continued this process for a good 20 minutes, giving it everything she had until she had to go. While I do feel bad for setting her up like that, I meant it in good fun, and it made for an incredible streaming moment.

Vowing that she would beat him someday, and knowing that I’ve carried the weight of losing to Mr. Dream/Mike Tyson for way too long, we agreed to a friendly #tysonchallenge. Nothing at stake but pride just yet, and there’s no timeline set, but it’s officially a race to see who can beat Mr. Dream/Mike Tyson on stream first. As I promised to her, I took my first shot against the legend on my stream later that day.

On one hand, I made it farther than I ever have against him. I landed my first ever punches on him. In one of the earlier fights, I even made to the 2nd round. However, most of my 20-minute run was the same story. Fight starts. Immediately get uppercutted into oblivion. Repeat. This race may take a while.

I know it’s possible. It may have been decades ago, but I’ve seen my older cousins beat the champ before. A quick YouTube search will pull up multiple guides on how to do it. I just have to find the dexterity and mental fortitude to play it to perfection.

Will either of us ever send him down for the 10-count? I have no idea. Maybe Kris will get the Neo download to her brain to show us both how it’s done? Maybe. But I do know that thanks to the trolling, peer pressure, and a friendly rivalry, I managed to progress farther into the fight than I ever had before. It’s your move now Double Jump!

Also, go check out everything Kris and Rachel do because they’re awesome!

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4 thoughts on “Double Jump and In Third Person Compete in the Punch-Out #tysonchallenge

    • Jett October 28, 2018 / 9:08 AM

      I generally prefer my games to be a bit easier, or to at least give you options to make it easier in different ways. However, Mike Tyson was Dark Souls before Dark Souls. Punch-Out, and that boss fight in particular, was the perfect blend of being a seemingly impossible boss fight against a character based on a seemingly impossible-to-beat boxer at the time. The difficulty IS the appeal. As good as the game is, I think the mystique around it is completely removed if Mike isn’t as difficult as he is.

      Have you ever taken out the champ?

      • TWOTALL4UFOOL October 29, 2018 / 2:52 AM

        Nope never have. I feel if a game is that hard people will lose interest. Especially with so many other games out there to play today. People will move on.

      • Jett October 29, 2018 / 10:22 AM

        Generally speaking, I agree. If a game is too hard, they’ll move on. I generally do the same.

        However, I do think there are exceptions, especially for games where it’s difficulty is the primary hook. The Dark Souls series of games would lose a lot of its mystique if it didn’t have that difficulty. Being one of the few to complete it is something you can wear as a badge of honour.

        Mike Tyson is the same thing, if not even more amplified. On top of the “badge of honour” appeal, Mike Tyson in real life at the time seemed unstoppable. It was the perfect blend of art imitating life. According to VG Chartz, which I know isn’t always the most valid source of info, the game sold 3 million in its lifetime. I’ve seen in other places it selling at least 2 mil.

        I actually think Super Punch-Out on the SNES and even Punch-Out on the Wii are better games, but none of them have the legacy, sales, or lasting impact of the original. A big part of that is because it has that mythical final boss that still remains a talking point to this day.

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