Aspects of the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct I Loved (and Loathed)

The long-rumored Super Mario Nintendo Direct turned out to be true! Nintendo packed quite a bit into its 16-minute presentation. Won’t cover absolutely everything shown, but here are my notes on what I loved (and loathed) from this presentation!

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Super Mario Super Stream featuring New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario 3D World

Two Super Mario games for the price of one! We start the stream by closing out New Super Mario Bros. U once and for all. Then we play a little bit of Super Mario 3D World! During the stream, we also discuss our picks for best and worst Super Mario power-ups!

Jett Plays Super Mario 3D World

My 2013 game of the year is the focus of this episode. Watch as my Princess Peach tackles levels from world 5 and 6. Along the way, I also talk about some of my other favourite games of 2013, the Wii U’s merits as a console and the challenges that come with capturing gameplay off of a PlayStation 4.

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