My Favourite Halloween Candy

I care very little about Halloween. Always did the bare minimum for dressing up as a kid and bailed on the costumes as soon as I could. Never cared for the children’s stories or grown-up horror movies. If it weren’t for me being married to someone whose favourite holiday is Halloween, I would probably excise the entire thing out of my life.

Well, almost all of it.

The candy can stay. Now that I have a house, handing out candy to the kids that come by in their costumes is a highlight. But more importantly, it’s an excuse to eat candy and junk food! Not that I needed an excuse, but there’s a lot more around this time of year and someone has to eat it. Here’s a list with a few of my faves!

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Closing Thoughts on Pokemon Go’s Halloween Event

After five days of spooktacular action, the Halloween event in Pokemon Go has come to a close. Based on anecdotal evidence and some research from Sensor Tower, the event was a huge success. What made this event such a hit? And does it give us any clues into the future of the game?

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