Closing Thoughts on Pokemon Go’s Halloween Event

After five days of spooktacular action, the Halloween event in Pokemon Go has come to a close. Based on anecdotal evidence and some research from Sensor Tower, the event was a huge success. What made this event such a hit? And does it give us any clues into the future of the game?

Things that go bump in the night

One of the big changes to the game during the event was the increased frequency of spooky pokemon. The likes of Gastly, Meowth and Cubone were everywhere, which was particularly great for players missing the evolutions of those pokemon. This came at the cost of variety, as very few pokemon besides the spooky set spawned in most places. While it was cool at first, I did grow tired of these pokemon fairly quickly. However, knowing that this was temporary, it was fine.

I want candy!

I think this was the big reason for the game’s success during the event. In the timeframe, catching, transferring and hatching rewarded players with double candy, while buddy pokemon milestones were dropped by 75%. Sure, the odds of catching an exotic pokemon and getting double candy were even worse than usual, but egg hatching and buddy walking became extremely lucrative.

Within the first day of the event, I hatched a Lapras and got over 40 candies along with it. After that moment, it was clear that now was the best time to buy incubators. While some eggs were busts, all of the extra candy helped me earn a bunch of new pokemon.

Furthermore, the lowered buddy walking requirements made walking four times more fruitful. For example, walking a Pikachu 1km would normally get you one candy, but that same distance would net you four candies during the event. I mostly walked my Dratini, but I also scored a lot of candy to help earn an Arcanine, Raichu and Wigglytuff.

What’s next?

The Halloween event in Pokemon Go was a huge success. I took full advantage of its perks and greatly enjoyed it, as did many other players I saw along the way. Off the strength of this first run, more events where Niantic noodles with the core formula are inevitable. Maybe double stardust? A winter-themed event featuring a higher spawn rate for ice pokemon such as Lapras? Lures on for a full day? Whatever it is, I’m anxiously awaiting to participate in more!
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