When Video Games Break: Borderlands

Before I vent my frustrations towards Borderlands, let me say that overall, I’m pretty impressed with the game. It’s a style of game that I’m really unfamiliar with, yet it has grabbed me enough to want to keep leveling up my guy and find the next awesome gun.

I’ve been playing it for a few hours today, when I came across a side quest where I had to find pieces of a sniper rifle. I went through a few intense battles fighting high-level skags and a whole whack of bandits before I was able to scavenge for the parts. However, the final piece eluded me. I followed the way-point to the exact location and searched high and low around it with no luck. I searched so hard, that I actually jumped into a place I wasn’t supposed to be in apparently. I got pinned between a building and a fence, causing my character to be completely stuck. The only way out was to save and quit the game.

Unfortunately, it also saved my lack of ammo. This, combined with all of the bad guys I beat re-spawning into the world made the game 10 times more frustrating than it should have.

I hate when video games break. While I don’t work in video game development, I do work in development and understand that its impossible to test and fix everything before launch. But as a gamer, bugs that get in the way of gameplay totally take you out of the experience and sometimes can ruin the game completely. The act of me being stuck where I was could have been dumb luck. However, inaccurate way-points are inexcusable. I did a search on Google for “borderlands sniper rifle quest” and immediately found others who experienced the same problem. Researching this one problem also shows that the inaccurate way-point thing happens more than once, which kind of makes me not want to continue with side quests at all.

When a game breaks really bad, I have no qualms about getting rid of it. I don’t see myself doing that with Borderlands (yet) and I hope I don’t have to. At the very least, I won’t be playing that game until I can come back with a cooler head.

One thought on “When Video Games Break: Borderlands

  1. Brad February 27, 2012 / 12:52 PM

    While this post has come considerably after this was published, it should be noted that scavenger quests aren’t meant to be pinpoint accurate with waypoints. They are meant to be completed as the title implies: Scavenged. This means its a treasure hunt of sorts. What could be complained about, however, is that often by the time you complete the quest, the item you receive is considerably lower in level than what you have become, making the quest rather useless.

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